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- - By ptccal (*) Date 08-01-2000 13:18
Can anyone tell me the correct process of using the three bottles for dye penetrant test (cleaner, red dye penetrant and the developer)

Thank you


Mukesh Agarwal
Parent - - By R. Johnson (**) Date 08-01-2000 18:44
1) Clean the part. Do not use a grinder to removed spatter or slag. There must not be any coatings or things like grease on the area to be examined,
2) Apply the penetrant. The dwell time will depend upon a lot of things suck as temperature of the part, relative humidity and the brand and type of penetrant being used.
3) Remove the excess penetrant. Do not apply the cleaner directly to the part.
4) Apply the developer. Wait for it to draw the penetrant from any potential crack.
5) Interpret the results. Remember dye penetrant is just an aid for visual inspection, and as such the person doing the interpretation must be experienced and not be mislead by any non-revelant indication. Just because you have an indication does not mean you have a defect.
Parent - - By ptccal (*) Date 08-02-2000 05:49
what do you mean by removing excess lubricant.. Do we have to wipe the weld with a cloth before applying the developer.

Parent - By TimGary (****) Date 08-02-2000 12:10
If all else fails, read the instructions on the can...
Parent - By R. Johnson (**) Date 08-02-2000 13:16
When you apply the penetrant, it is just like trying to paint something with a spray can. After it sets for awhile, apply a small of cleaner to a clean rag and wipe off the surface penetrant. Do not scrub the surface. You try to remove the excess so that there will not be too much penetrant on the surface that may mask any indications.
Oh, by the way don't let the penetrant set so long that it does turn into a painted surface.
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