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- - By robo90124 Date 04-22-2003 17:06
I am looking for weld data charts or tips on resistance spot welding High Strength Low Alloy Steel.
Parent - By SHLALAM Date 04-30-2003 01:40
You can find information in "Resistance Welding Manual" book published by Resistance Welder Manufacturer's Association (RWMA). In this book you can find the electrode tip size, electrode force and weld schedule. If you have ASM Volume 6, it may give some information on resistance welding.

good luck,

Parent - By csw Date 04-30-2003 16:14
You can question "Jerry E. Gould" of Edison welding insitue for the infos of HSLA RSW.

From my basical knowledge of RSW, welding schedule can only provide you a global vision of how to optimise the welding parameters, F, t, I, and the configuration of assembly. For HSLA joining, the pulse welding current could be used with the down-slow to minize the weld fracture caused by the presence of Martensite phase (slower down the cooling rate t8/5 or t7/3).

For your post about 4-nut joinning by projection welding technique, I can imagine that the nut do not penetrate into the plate and there is only a HAZ or no-fusion zone appears because it is may be due to too large prior contact area size. If you only place the nut onto the plate, squeeze the configuration with F, and weld with applying I.

If I am right and understand your process, Could you try to first stamp the plate seperately before placing onto sheet. This is to initiate the contact area and to create projection height and search trially the other welding parameters by using RSW standard guideline?

Hope this helps and wanna know your solution.
Parent - By csw Date 04-30-2003 16:27
Please inform how do you stamp the HLSA plate?
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Resistance Spot Welding HSLA Steel

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