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- - By Dougstewart (*) Date 08-02-2016 14:37
Id like to find out if we can start a thread for cwi jobs here on the forum? and ideas about further advancements in the NDT profession?
id like to get my UT,MT,PT, and Phaserray level 1 and 2 asap.
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 08-02-2016 18:23
You just did.

Expanding your skill set to include NDE definitely is a plus in our industry. It expands your employment opportunities.

If you are not a member of ASNT, join now. Their monthly magazine typically lists several organizations that provide NDE training.

Meetings of the local section of ASNT also provide a good source of people that have first-hand knowledge of people that provide NDE training in you area.

Best regards - Al
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 08-02-2016 21:51
So, to really start a thread we need to have posters post some obvious info:

1) Looking for work or offering work

2) Qualifications

3) Location, willing to relocate and/or travel

4) Project specs or personal experience : Bridge, ASME, API, Structural, aerospace, etc.

5) NDT Qualification/Certifications

6) Project duration

7) Own equipment or need tools for the job

We won't go into wages as there are so many variables that need to be considered on a job by job basis.

Parent - By Joey (***) Date 08-03-2016 04:23 Edited 08-03-2016 04:27
Hello Dougstewart

You are now a CWI, these are possible scenarios if you want to work as Technician

I think to attend the NDT courses to gain some basic knowledge are sufficient unless you want to be certified so that you can get a job as Technician.

I started as NDT technician (level 2 in 4 methods), after getting my CWI and become a full time Inspector (QC and 3rd party Inspector), I didn’t renew my NDT certifications. I felt like I don’t want to look back to do some hands-on and being told by Inspector of the weld joints he / she wanted me to test and to be told that there will be someone behind you watching your testing.  

When you become a third party inspector, you used to reject some NDT works not done in accordance with Code requirements or procedures. You are accustomed to reject the NDT personnel which you think is not suitable for the job. You will be called to witness the NDT being done which you will notice some great respect from the people involved.  However, you will become famous for being strict, that gives you many enemies too.

If you go back to work as NDT Technician, those NDT technicians that you’ve offended will become Inspector someday in the same job that you are acting as Technician. Those production people that have a hard time with you as their 3rd Party Inspector, will become your client that will tell you as their NDT technician to hurry up your testing, not to go back home until you finish the job and not to delay the submission of NDT reports.

If you can take the humiliation and willing to swallow your pride, then go for it.
- By Dougstewart (*) Date 08-04-2016 14:44
I have an A&P degree also, and aerospace was a hard and detailed inspection process .. i dont mind taking a course in UT,MT,PT, ectra. but the field time would have to be on my
- - By Dougstewart (*) Date 08-10-2016 13:27
would you have to have a CWI through AWS to inspect and sign off on D9.1 specification weld inspection? or is there some other certification you can have thats accepted via contract with a client?
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 08-10-2016 21:50
That will totally depend upon the Job Specs and customer requirements.

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