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- - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 08-17-2016 20:35
I intend to purchase a DC Ammeter for recording variables related to heat input for some D1.5 PQR's.

For voltage I will be using a regular off the shelf multimeter and take readings at the tip or neck. For amperage I am good with checking at the along the gun or the lead at the wire feeder.

I am wondering what people are using. I am not ready to put down the $ for a fluke unless I have to. I have seen some others that are listed as true RMS Ammeters by other companies. Does anyone have any hands on experience with something in the sub $200.00 range on inverter power supplies ? If so, what models have worked.

I have also considered an inline Shunt/Meter before at the wire feeder/lead connection.

I welcome any thoughts.


Gerald Austin
Parent - - By 522029 (***) Date 08-18-2016 01:02
You are not likely to find a "true RMS" meter in the under $200 range. NO big deal. Unless you are doing extremely critical work (and I am not belittling your work), a true rms meter is not advantageous.
In my work I already had a Fluke 87 so a added a Fluke amp probe (clamp on, i1010, I think) that plugged into the 87.
For convenience, I cannot imagine going with the shunt method.
Also, even though you don't want to spring for the Fluke, you may be money and satisfaction ahead by doing so.

Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 08-18-2016 02:17
Thanks. I found a fluke 325 that looks like something I can do.

The only thing that is critical just getting as accurate I can and a stable reading. I figured inverters may be a bit noisy.

Thanks for the advice.

Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / Suggestions for Ammeters

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