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- - By WeldInspectGuy Date 10-04-2016 16:58
I have a friend who recently left our company and got a position as a supervisor for a small machine shop that does do some SS welding. I received my CWI cert which my company paid for but am under utilized and have been basically doing simple visual weld inspections for some of the newer less experienced welders. My buddy approached me about possibly bringing me in to his company as a Consultant/Independent Contractor to witness WPQR's and write WPS's, possible welder certifications, and the WPS's they use are older and he would like to look into newer more efficient processes and reviewing any welding documents/processes that are eligible for ISO audits. My questions would be what steps would I have to go through to be a "Consultant/Independent Contractor" for him and in general? Does this require me to get a business license? Do I file or send reports to AWS or am I and the company I do work for sole responsible for saving documents/reports?
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 10-05-2016 03:10
Interesting questions. 

Some more: Do you know how to write WPS's?  Have you certified welders before?  Do you know much about the SS code?  Are you going to stay working for your current employer and work this on the side?  Do they have an employee handbook that would help with an understanding of their requirements?
Parent - - By WeldInspectGuy Date 10-05-2016 12:23
I have performed and witnessed WPQR's and written WPS's based off the results. As far as certifying welders, my friend has a testing company he would send test plates out to, but I would have to research if he would need a CWI to review the test results to verify and stamp off the welders test cert or if someone in house can do that. I have recently been working with the SS Code at my current job, more towards prequalified WPS's side of it. I'm in the process of setting up a tour of his shop and want to see if his company does have certain requirements or a type of employee handbook. I do plan on staying with my current employer, this is more of an opportunity to get my feet wet towards consultant type work and he did mention that this company may be expanding in the near future and may want me on board or be their permanent go to guy/consultant for any welding or procedure qualifying concerns.
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 10-05-2016 19:33
Sounds interesting. Don't be surprised if your current employer see this as a conflict of interest and cuts you loose before you are ready to make a move.

Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 10-05-2016 21:07
To add to what Al has said, most independant contract inspectors I run into 'claim' they are insured but for the work I do they are no where close.  Professional Services/Errors and Omissions insurance is not cheap.  Then, even though owners are allowed to opt out of Workers Comp, if you don't have a form filed with the insurance that shows up on your Certification of Insurance then there can be problems there.  There are many other expenses, certifications, codes, tools, that need to be considered when desiring to work for yourself.
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 10-07-2016 19:30
You mention professional liability insurance. Is it required on all of the projects you work on?

I understand the importance of having it as far as protecting yourself and your business but is it a "requirement" ?
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 10-08-2016 16:22
Not all, but a good many.  Depends upon who, where, what, etc that I am contracted.  For us, we couldn't operate without it.  As far as I am concerned, if one is working as a TPI contractor, it should be a mandatory requirement.

But, it is up to the company, engineer, owner you are contracted to and what they want for coverage. 

Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 10-08-2016 17:12
I have called a few companies and not had much luck. Even the mention of general liability and welding has stopped a few quotes.

Do you have any companies you suggest that underwrite this type of insurance?
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 10-08-2016 20:38
My company has a mountain of paperwork that they then submit to Lloyds of London.  You can't really get it through any normal company that claims to carry business insurance like Gen Liab and Workers Comp.
Parent - By Joey (***) Date 10-12-2016 13:30
As far as I know, idemnity insurance is normally provided by TPI companies.  It's a requirement whenever you tender for major projects. Only those accredited TPI companies are normally invited to tender, they are the big players recognized as TPI. However, there are those freelance Inspector who supplied themselves to TPI companies or Contractors. These freelancers don't provide indemnity insurance, they only cover their own personal insurance. :cool:
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