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- - By judicious224 Date 03-09-2017 16:51
Hello guys, can anyone inform me as to determining if copper containing steel is specified on MTRs?

For example, looking at the ASTM specifications chemical requirements of A500 Grade B, the minimum percentage for copper is .20%. The MTR supplied shows the percent of copper used in the material is .17% which is below the minimum required percentage of copper in this material. The A500 spec. contains a notation stating the minimum required amount of copper is applicable "if copper-containing steel is specified in the purchase order."

My question is how to determine if copper containing steel is specified in the purchase order or where to look for it on the MTR?
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-10-2017 05:01
Are you sure the ASTM specification doesn't list the value of copper as a maximum? Copper and iron do not play well together, thus it is limited to ensure ease of welding.
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 03-10-2017 13:21
I agree with Al.  When I saw your post last night I started doing some light research.  Copper has a wide range depending upon the application of the steel it is used in but for the most part will be from considerably lower than 2% to around 2%.  I would think it beyond reason that A500 Grade B would have that high a percentage of copper. 

Copper makes it brittle while adding corrosive resistance.  The higher the carbon the worst the things get when adding copper. 

As far as determining what is on the MTR's being compliant with the Purchase Order or Job Specifications, that is up to the engineer.  Materials, WPS's, welder performance records, as well as shop drawings are to be submitted for approval prior to work beginning on the project.  It is only your job to make sure ALL steel was then properly ordered and compared by shop QC for compliance with the work approvals.

If A992 wide flange beam shapes were approved, then manufacturers procedures and confirmation in the MTR's is satisfactory.  Unless it is a highly specialized project going extremely deep into the MTR's and comparing them with the purchase orders is not required nor necessary.  The same for A500 Gr B.  The manufacturers specs are going to be right there in acceptable levels of alloys.  These are mass produced and used products that just don't need to be highly scrutinized.

I would find it unusual for the job specs to be specifying anything that specific for A500.  Thus, you probably aren't going to find it mentioned anywhere in your specs.  Not worth considering. 

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
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