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- - By Kix (****) Date 03-15-2017 15:21
Does anyone know anything or someone who can speak to the high frequency emissions created during the arc initiation on DC- GTAW welding or A/C with the High Frequency set to continuous start for GTAW welding like on a Syncrowave 250? The reason I ask is, we have a man in our welding department that just got a pace maker put in. He is not allowed to be around the laser and this question got brought up about the welders. Is there a perimeter around a welder using high frequency start that a man with a pace maker can't be within?


Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 03-15-2017 16:36
That depends upon the type of pacemaker especially with today's technology.

Much of what you hear about cell phones in hospitals and/or airplanes, contacts and arc flash, as well as pacemakers and High Frequency is a result of old wives tales that have no true proof nor basis in fact.  I did say "much", that does not mean ALL. 

But many of these incidents are difficult if not impossible to recreate and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the cause is the item that got blamed for the issue. 

Having said that, doctors, airlines, and many companies with items emitting high frequency are foolish not to establish some form of disclaimer, caution, and safety factors for the safety of all.  Airlines must consider the safety of a multitude of people.  Hospitals must take care for surgeries in progress that MAY be effected by unknowns.  And, individual employees must be considered for personal safety in the workplace. 

It seems we had a discussion about this one other time on this forum.  Did you happen to do a Search here to see? 

I will look through my records when I get a chance and try to get you some actual reports and facts, not just my opinion.

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - By TimGary (****) Date 03-15-2017 18:40
Parent - By Lawrence (*****) Date 03-17-2017 21:19
I had a student a few years back with a pacemaker (young fella)

I freaked out at first, but he went to his cardiologist and the maker of the pace maker and they both agreed that welding HF, pulse, capacitor discharges etc. were ok with his pacemaker.

He did just fine, graduated and became a pro.

So I guess I'm echoing  Brent,  Check the Doc and the maker.
Parent - By ChipSchlagauff Date 03-20-2017 14:36
I'm not sure about pacemakers but if I had any metallic implant in my body, I think I would stay away from HF.  I was at a welding educator conference with a speaker at the podium an expert on electrical safety in welding.  One of the instructors asked about a situation in his class where a student fell out of a weld booth onto the floor going into convulsions.  He had been using AC/HF and had an implant in his brain suffering damage from the HF effect on his grey matter.  The instructor seemed sincerely emotional about seeing this event and its effects on this student.  We need to provide these cautions PRIOR to beginning to weld with HF.
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / GTAW High Frequency and Pacemakers

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