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- - By WeldInspectGuy Date 03-16-2017 21:16
Good afternoon veteran CWI's,

So I've been assigned the task to revise an older WQR matrix/list for the welders in the shop to reference what WPS's they are qualified to weld with. One goal is to use a specific WPS that the welder has taken/passed a weld test on and use it to qualify them for other similar WPS's that they have not tested on. So what I'm interpreting based on the D1.1 is that in order to accomplish this secondary qualification for another WPS I need to verify that the WPS's have qualified base metals listed in Table 3.1 in conformance with Table 4.8 and the limitations of the essential variables applicable to each process are observed  correct? Our old Weld Engineer created this Matrix and I see a lot of correction needed based on what the D1.1 mentions, now granted he is an "ENGINEER" (no insult intended) that gives him the freedom to overrule the code book. I believe he solely based this matrix off of similar material combinations and groupings only, not essential variables.

Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 03-17-2017 00:24
UUMM, Well, I'm confused.  No wonder you are. 

So, if I am even close to understanding what you are asking, there is no need.  But first, make sure you are referencing D1.1: 2015 so we are all looking at the same Tables and Figures and Text when we site a specific section.

Once your welders are qualified to D1.1, it does not matter what Group your steel is in for your WPS.  They can weld any of the steel listed in Table 3.1.  They can also weld any of the steels qualified by testing per Clause 4 that are not included in Table 3.1. 

Table 4.8 has to do with qualifying materials per Clause 4 and has nothing to do with welder qualification.

The limits to needing to re-qualify your welders will be: a change in process (GMAW to SMAW for example), a change in F numbers in SMAW qualification, a change to a position not included in previous qualification testing, a change in base metal thickness if not previously qualified to unlimited, a change in vertical position (uphill to down or visa versa), a change in the use of backing (doing open root if backing was used for the test), or a change in the number of electrodes used. 

No need to retest for a change in materials. 

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
- - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-19-2017 13:14
As far as the contractor/manufacturer's/or erector's engineer having the authority to modify the code, WRONG! Only the customer, through their Engineer, has the authority to make any modification to the requirements of AWS D1.1.

Go by the Table that lists the essential variables for welder performance qualifications, i.e., welding with or without backing, changes in position, changes in F number if using SMAW, etc. This is located in Clause 4.

Parent - By WeldInspectGuy Date 03-20-2017 12:23
I have looked at the essential variables requiring Welder requal in Clause 4 (4.19, Table 4.12) but after reading through Part C of this section I noticed in 4.18 it states that all WPS essential variable limitations of 4.8 shall apply IN ADDITION to welder essential variables.
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