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- - By Mayur (*) Date 03-20-2017 08:52
Dear All,

I need to use AWS D1.1 - 2000 'Structural welding code'. I kindly request you to help me understand qualification of WPS and Welder:

1. Shall pre-qualified WPS to be used for welder qualification purpose be mandatory approved by customer / engineer ? Engineer or customer representative has not yet been decided for the contract. I want to qualify a few welders using prequalified WPS. Currently, no engineer / customer representative is there to approve it.May I qualify welders using well written prequalified WPS wihich has not been approved by the engineer yet? May I qualify welders using the same and later I make it approved?

2. In AWS D1.1 - 2000 Table 4.5 titled as ' PQR Essential Variable Changes Requiring WPS Requalification for SMAW, SAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW. ', I want to resolve my ambiguity regarding following problems.  As mentioned in the table " A change in current in the amperage for each diameter used by : 10 %'" is an essential variable. " So, how is this variable applied if I have used a range of amperage current to fill the groove of the qualification test coupon ? For example, if, in the test coupon, I have used 170A for 1st pass, 200A for 2 nd pass and 150A for 3rd pass. Now, what amperage range may I mention in the WPS???

150 -+ 10% = 145 A / 165 A,  170 -+ 10% = 153 A / 187 A &  200-+10% = 180 A / 220 A

So, may I mention a current range in amperage as 145 A to 220 A for all the passes in the WPS? or should I mention like ' for 1st pass 145 A to 165 A; for 2nd pass 153 A to 187 A and for 3rd pass 180A to 220A?
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 03-20-2017 21:35
Don't post a question in multiple departments, it just messes up the discussion.

See answer in other department.

Parent - - By Len Andersen (***) Date 03-21-2017 17:41
Unusual ! Call our AWS staff engineers and ask. I worked as the NYC welding man and if there I would ask for a written proposal on issues. On form there.
Parent - By Mayur (*) Date 03-22-2017 03:24
dear sir,

Please reply, what current range I may mention in my WPS as current amperage change by 10% is an essential variable, if I have welded PQR test coupon using a range of current? Does this +- 10% apply to extreme limit of current used for PQR?

2.) Is it mandatory to approve a pre-qualified WPS before using it for welder qualification?

Thanks & Regards,
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