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- - By aeguerra10 Date 03-20-2017 15:55
Hello All,

First time posting in this forum. I have a pressure vessel that has RTJWNF and the bolt hole area and the "retention ring" is in pretty bad shape. My question is, is there somewhere that gives a tolerance for corrosion and wall loss on just the bolt hole area? The faces of the flanges are fine it's just the bolt hole and retention ring areas. I would personally like to replace them but I would like to have something in the code to reference the Maintenance Manager to. Thanks for any insight.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-20-2017 23:36
ASME B&PV Code sections only address new construction.

NBIC addresses in-service inspection and repair of vessels. ASME does have a standard for assessing the condition of a vessel that isn't part of the B&PV code. The title  escapes me for the moment and I don;t recollect it addresses the repair of corroded or damaged flanges. Sorry I can;t be more helpful.

Parent - By aeguerra10 Date 03-21-2017 13:28
Thanks for the reply. I will do a little more digging. Have a good one.
Up Topic Welding Industry / ASME Codes / ASME B16.5 Flange Repair

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