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- - By DamienL Date 08-23-2017 01:38
What is the acceptance criteria for Fillet Weld Macro-etch Test under D1.2?

Does the weld size really matter even if the difference between the horizontal and vertical weld size is more than 3mm
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 08-23-2017 02:09
Have you a copy of the code? If not, why not?

If you can't afford the standard, you can't afford to do the job.

Parent - - By yojimbo (***) Date 08-28-2017 14:29

Awhile back I did a project to D1.2 and needed to qualify a fillet weld procedure for the aluminum.  Not having the standard and not wishing to purchase it for the job I went to the engineering library at the University of WA- excellent resource.  I was able to scan the entirety of the D1.2 code book to a flash drive and proceed with the required PQR.  It's a small volume compared to D1.1.  You might check with your local university/college campus that has an engineering department.
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 08-28-2017 17:14 Edited 08-28-2017 17:17
Out curiosity, did you qualify a grooved assembly to verify the mechanical properties of the "almost a metal" meets the standard?

Parent - - By PhilThomas (**) Date 08-28-2017 19:52
Just a suggestion, but I wouldn't post about scanning a copyrighted work on a public forum...
Parent - By yojimbo (***) Date 08-29-2017 16:22

I am not at all certain but I don't know there is any law/restriction against copying a standard for private use w/out any intent to publish, distribute or sell.  Could be wrong but I'm hardly waiting for the authorities to raid the shop.

Regarding qualifying a groove weld to prove mechanical properties in order to establish a fillet weld PQR, this discussion was more or less beaten to death about a year and a half ago with the consensus, being supported by both the exact language of the code, several respected members of this forum and the specific direction of the AWS member who administers the D1.2 code, that fillet weld PQRs do not need to be qualified by any other means not stated in the code and that anyone insisting a groove weld was a necessary step in qualifying a fillet weld was wrong, without exception and regardless of their personal opinion or their interpretation of the code.

Per the above sources a D1.2 fillet weld is to be qualified using the appropriate figure from the code and requires successful macro etch testing.  Our D1.2 PQR was conducted under the supervision of an AWS CWI  of 30 year experience who also put his stamp on the WPS.  The WSDOT Inspection Division accepted our documentation and every weld and fabrication without exception and actually praised the work performed as exceeding their usual expectations.  The city engineer and the engineer for the civil company responsible for construction oversight both made personal efforts to thank us for completing a well done part of the project.

And the sky still has not fallen.  Nor do I think it will.
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