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- - By waqasmalik (**) Date 08-23-2017 12:57
Hello all.

I am developing procedure for some structural SMAW welding using AISI 1040 steel plate 8 mm thick  as per AWS D1.1. The problem is im unable to find the relevant ASTM designation so that i could assign an appropriate M number. I checked on google and ASTM A 830 was found to be most relevant. But, D1.1 makes no mention of it. I looked into AWS B2.1, it did mention ASTM 830 but not the grade 1040. I looked into ASME section 9 just for info about P number, it either does not make reference of it anywhere.

How can i assign appropriate M number as per AWS D1.1 or P number as per ASME for the material not listed. Or can i proceed my procedure qualification without knowing these numbers?

Thanks all in advance.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 08-24-2017 01:05
You can't because AISI steels do not have any specified mechanical properties. So, how does one know if it passed or failed?

AISI steels can be supplied as forgings, cold rolled, hot rolled, normalized, etc. Thus one has no idea of what the UTS or YS will be.

Parent - - By waqasmalik (**) Date 08-24-2017 13:04
Will the supplier wont tell that what manufacturing method has been adopted to produce particular sheet, plate, strip, shape, pipe, or tube?
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 08-24-2017 19:28
Typically there are no certifications provided. They call AISI steel "merchant grade or merchant quality" steel.

It never hurts to ask, but it isn't a listed as a prequalified steel by AWS D1.1 and it is not listed or permitted by ASME B&PV code sections.

Best regard - Al
Parent - - By waqasmalik (**) Date 08-26-2017 17:14
If the material designation is changed to ASTM A830 which enlists 5-6 grades including one grade having matching chemistry to 1045 and then we are asked ato qualify procedure then how should we proceed with unlisted material. ASTM A830  clearly states the sheet will be supplied in hot rolled condition so there is a base line for mechanical properties.
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 08-26-2017 18:51
Hello Waqas;

If the WPS is qualified using a listed base metal specification and list that material on the PQR, all is good asuming the testing verifies the mechanical properties listed by the code are met.

If the WPS is qualified using an unlisted base metal specification and if there are no mechanical properties listed, the WPS cannot be said to meet code requirements. That's why AWS and ASME do not permit the use of AISI base metals with no published properties.

We are aware that the mechanical properties are dependent on the chemistry, manufacturing processes, and the final state of heat treatment. The last two factors are not considered by the AISI system of specifying base metals.

ASTM material specifications may include specific AISI alloys, but ASTM also specifies the state of heat treatment and manufacturing processes along with minimum mechanical properties. Thus, if you use an ASTM listed base metal specification that happens to have the same grade or alloy as the AISI material you "like", i.e., chemistry meeting AISI 1045, you are good to go. However, ordering AISI 1045 only gets you the chemistry, not the mechanical properties. 

Once the WPS is qualified using the ASTM with the desired chemistry, it does not mean you are qualified for all AISI 1045, because, once again, the AISI material can be supplied in any one of several heat treatments and it could be forged, hot formed, cold formed, so the properties are not known.

Good luck - Al
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