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- - By chiheb Date 09-28-2017 16:37
Qualification of welder should be repeated if F number and AWS classification or only F Number of consumable changed according to ASME IX QW-404.15.
Parent - - By Steelslinger (**) Date 09-28-2017 20:56 Edited 09-28-2017 21:02
The way I read it, with looking at QW-350, QW-351, Table QW-352 thru 357, and QW-404.15 with Table QW-423, Welder Qualification Test would need to be redone for a change in "F" Number.

Procedure Qualification is gets a little more fine grained based on process and type of overlay. The type of overlay is all I see that calls Filler Classification an essential variable.

* I have not inspected much to ASME codes, so not as familiar with it.
Parent - By chiheb Date 10-03-2017 11:22
When you regard Table QW-432 , you find same f number but different AWS classification , so qualification should be repeated when change Fnumber or Fnumber and aws classifcation according to QW-404.15 for process smaw for example?
- - By 803056 (*****) Date 10-03-2017 17:00
I don't have the most recent edition of Section IX on my computer, but here goes nothing. There was no mention of what welding process the welder is qualified for, i.e., SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, or whatever. Without full disclosure the response can only half right.

F numbers F1 through F6 are ferrous metals. F1 through F5 are for SMAW only. QW-433 includes a matrix for F1 through F5, with backing or without backing. Depending on the particulars, generally speaking when the welders qualifies with F1 through F4, he is qualified for the F number used and any lower F number. There are exceptions. Never forget what the letters ASME stand for: Always, Maybe, Sometimes, and Except. The words are appropriate. Without the particulars of the test and referencing QW-433, one cannot give a single answer.

For other F numbers, let's say F2x, the aluminum alloys, the welder is typically qualified for all F2x provided there are appropriate WPSs to cover the different alloys and combinations. . Again, one must know the particulars in order to provide an accurate response.

Parent - - By chiheb Date 10-04-2017 15:48
Thank you for answer but i will ask for QW-404.15 ie Welder qualified with F-number 4 (SFA 5.5) if change in production F-N°4 (SFA 5.1), should be repeat the qualifcation (smaw process)?
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 10-04-2017 16:54 Edited 10-04-2017 16:58
QW-404.15 includes a reference to QW-433. Did you look at the "exceptions" listed in QW-433?

An example of how to read the matrix in QW-433:

Under the column Qualified with F4 and with backing, you will see an "X" in the rows for: F4 and with backing, F3 with backing, F2 with backing, F1 with backing. The "X" indicates the welder is qualified to weld with F4, F3, F2, and F1 provided backing is used.

Per the matrix, a welder qualified with F5 without backing, the welder can weld production welds with F1 with backing and F5 with or without backing.

- By bolanos Date 10-26-2017 17:58
Quiisera saber si estoy interpretando bien la tabla qw-452.1(b), espesor calificado para soldadores. el espesor del cupón soldado. dice todos y el espesor del metal calificado dice 2t., esta claro. pero la segunda opción me dice 1/2" en adelante con un mínimo de tres capas y el espesor del metal calificado depositado dice "Máximo espesor Soldado" (es aquí donde no entiendo) agradezco sus respuestas y un ejemplo gracias.
- By bolanos Date 10-26-2017 18:00
I would like to know if I am interpreting the table qw-452.1 (b), qualified thickness for welders. the thickness of the welded coupon. says all and the thickness of the qualified metal says 2t., it is clear. but the second option tells me 1/2 "onwards with a minimum of three layers and the thickness of the deposited metal says" Maximum Thick Soldier "(this is where I do not understand) thank you for your answers and an example thanks.
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