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- - By yojimbo (***) Date 10-04-2017 17:54
General Notes indicate weld inspections as : Multipass/Single Pass> 5/16 Continuous.  Single Pass< 5/16 Periodic.  Included is the notation: "Special Inspections in the section are waived if performed on the premises of a fabricator registered and approved in accordance with IBC Section 1704.2.5."

I am accustomed to seeing reference to AISC/AWS/DOT but am not familiar with the IBC fabricators credential.  Can anyone provide info/insight/requirements.  Likely too high a hurdle to jump for a small shop on a small job but I'd like to know my options.

Thanks in advance.
Parent - - By yojimbo (***) Date 10-04-2017 20:25
Got it.  Google is my friend.
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 10-05-2017 17:22 Edited 10-05-2017 17:25
Yeah, it isn't really that they are qualified to that, they are qualified IN ACCORDANCE WITH or PER that which takes you right back to AISC, AWS, a BAHJ Fabricator Approval system, etc. 

Have a Great Day,  Brent

edit: many customers, and wisely so, will still specify a shop Verification Inspector to represent them and assure things are being done as specified even when the Fabricator is an Approved Fabricator.  Approved Fabricators are not audited without an advance notice and time to get their ducks in a row.  Surprise visits at odd times would be so much more revealing.
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 10-06-2017 12:37
There is no money to be made if you upset the paying customer.

Most the certification programs offer by organizations such as AISC or AWS have no provisions to handle complains against the certified fabricator or erector.

It is still buyer beware.

Parent - By yojimbo (***) Date 10-06-2017 17:21 Edited 10-07-2017 16:49
Actually that's not what the IBC referenced standard states.  It doesn't mention either AISC, AWS or any other organization usually associated with QC.  It only states that the fabricator has an audit-able QA/QC manual which has been approved by the EOR.  This was also my experience when first being vetted by the WSDOT.  The Fabrication Division Supervisor arranged to visit the shop, checked out the equipment I use, looked over some work I was doing for another project, visually checked the welds and fitting, glanced through the generic editable QA/QC manual template I had purchased online and adapted for my own use and we discussed general approaches for ensuring that things got done by the book.  Most of the QA/QC procedures/controls that were detailed in the manual were simply practices for self inspection that I had been educated and indoctrinated into when I underwent my training as a welder- nothing as technical as many of the discussions one finds in the forum but broad and comprehensive enough to insure the work was being done correctly.  It helped I already had 15 years of technically challenging NDT pipe welding under my belt and had at least a beginners understanding of the what, why and how that constitutes good procedure and quality welding and had dealt with enough CWIs to know the things to avoid.  Being a little OCD and a dimension Nazi myself didn't hurt either.  Quality is always a result of conscientiousness,  enforcement is in place only to keep the slackers from successful mutinies.

As an added note, it was during my introduction to working with the WSDOT that I began to expand my understanding of code requirements beyond the training I'd received and my earlier dependence on the Lincoln Handbook of Welding by signing up for an AWS membership and purchasing the 2010 D1.1 code book.  I was particularly in need of that volume in that it was my intention to  qualify a down hand GMAW fillet weld procedure to address the production needs for the 2200 LF of pedestrian railing the contract required.  The code book was rather ostentatiously placed alongside the QA/QC manual along with a file of various Weld Qualification previously acquired and another file of photographs depicting different earlier projects.  Presentation has a somewhat dependable and predictable effect on most peoples perceptions.  That voluminous, heavy tome with its red and white cover and clear indication of serious intent sat there as an open challenge to anyone interested in questioning our methodologies begging them to point out their objections and the page, language, specification or table to support their position.  I learned early in life, if one goes the extra mile you usually don't have to deal with a lot of traffic and when your ducks are lined up you don't have to listen to a lot of quakery.
Parent - - By pielaet Date 11-13-2017 15:21
AISC Certified Shops meet this requirement and do not need Special inspections in many cases.
International Building Code 1704.2.2
Fabricator approval. Special inspections
required by this code are not required where the work is
done on the premises of a fabricator registered and approved
to perform such work without special inspection. Approval
shall be based upon reviewof the fabricator’s written procedural
and quality control manuals and periodic auditing of
fabrication practices by an approved special inspection
agency. At completion of fabrication, the approved fabricator
shall submit a certificate of compliance to the building
official stating that the work was performed in accordance
with the approved construction documents.
Parent - By yojimbo (***) Date 11-13-2017 17:29

Yes, I read the specification you reference.  The specification however does not explicitly require AISC certification, nor does it indicate who may provide approval or with whom a fabricator needs to register.  My read on it as well as my experience as noted in my earlier response is that approval is at the discretion of the Owners EOR.  In my case that was with WSDOT fabrication division.  Once vetted for the contracted work we were good to go.  That was D1.1 work though not D1.5 which generally generates more scrutiny and controls.
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