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- - By c_chabun Date 10-12-2017 17:04
Has anyone been running into bad Lincoln electric 6010? I don't know if it's me, my welders or it is just the rod. 7018,7010,8010 all seem to burn good but can't seem to weld 6010 properly.
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 10-12-2017 18:31
WELDCOME TO THE AWS WELDING FORUM!! The Greatest Welding Forum in the World, Bar None.

Grey or red electrodes?  How old?  DCEP?

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - - By c_chabun Date 10-12-2017 21:38 Edited 10-12-2017 21:41
New rod 5p+ reverse polarity haven't seen 5p since welding school 25 years ago
Parent - - By c_chabun Date 10-12-2017 21:40
I can't long arc a rod longer than an 1/8"without the arc cutting out when my rheostat is less than 50 but every other type of rod I can long arc upto 3/4"
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 10-13-2017 13:10
Interesting.  You SURE the polarity is set correctly?  No one switched your leads around?  or threw a switch to AC? 

Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - - By c_chabun Date 10-15-2017 17:13
I got it figured out once I turned my governor up to 1580 it smartened right up. Not sure why the higher idle speed made a difference with such a small rod but it did.
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 10-15-2017 22:28
UUMM, an older Lincoln portable?  Gas engine?  Runs normally at 1550 rpms?  With the age of the unit it could be that it isn't running at peak performance.  My SAE 300 with a six cylinder Continental ran 3/32, 1/8, and 5/32 6010 just fine. 

But, the operating parameters were definitely different than the newer units with higher rpm units. 

You might have the  machine put on a load band to see how it is operating.

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - By richapd Date 12-04-2017 20:55
Some are going to call me crazy, but the 6010 are designed to have moisture in the flux. We have been getting new cans that are dried out. Dampen them with a mist bottle and wait 10 minutes for them to air dry and they will work fine, A lincoln engineer told us this trick and theratened our life if we revealed his name. This will fix the problem... Just give it a try,
- - By Paladin (***) Date 10-18-2017 02:57 Edited 10-19-2017 01:39
Could be that the RPMs are dropping more that they should.
If I remember from decades ago,
from the 1550 no load RPM, the drop under load should be no more that 100 down to 1450.
If dropping more the adjustment is the governor sensitivity.

Or the engine is just worn out and doesn't hold the RPM.
Rebuild or crank up the fast idle speed.

I would not want to start any trouble but:
Have you considered something in blue?

Parent - - By c_chabun Date 10-20-2017 12:37
I'm going to do a compression test on the engine. As for engine rpms under load what size rod and gear do I check it in? Do I max the machine out because burning smaller rod the engine doesn't drop. But could it be the fuel now isn't what it used to be. I dunno trying to come up with anything already. And yes I was actually thinking of a nice red generator and metallic blue paint job on my old 200 hahaha. I'm almost at the end of my welding career and not thinking of switching brands now lol.
Parent - By Paladin (***) Date 10-21-2017 12:05
I would say if the RPMs are not dropping with the rods you are using then that is not the problem.
It sounds like you've ran a SA 200 long enough to tell when the engine is not running right.

Try, buy or borrow, a different can of P5+.
I did get a can of 5P+ a while back that the flux on the tips was not consistent and affected striking an arc.
If that doesn't work it must be something in the generator, excitor, or lead connections.

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