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- - By mwilliams93 (*) Date 10-17-2017 19:59
Hey All,

So I'm wanting to pick your brains some when it comes to the great world of ASME. I'm relatively new to it, more experienced with AWS, so I'm sloppin' my way through it.

I'm needing to qualify a welder to 1/2" Sch 40 Stainless Pipe. Currently there is no WPS's in my company that'll qualify said size. So I went looking through previously PQR's to see if I can write a WPS and make it work. I found a PQR with a test coupon 0.432" thick (Pipe), done in the 6G position.

So with that info, I typed up a WPS with a qualified thickness range of 3/16" to 0.864" (QW-451.1). With that being in place, my only option when it comes to getting a welder qualified on 1/2" diameter pipe would be having the test done 1/2" Sch 160 (Thickness .188"). Am I correct with my interpretation? Or am I way out in left field? Thanks!
Parent - By bolanos Date 10-26-2017 17:49
Good morning, as far as the qualification of the welder that well, but the range of coverage for the thicknesses that was to be handled in production, the PQR does not serve me so that the thickness of the ½ "Sch 40 tube is 0.109" and the rated PQR range is from 0.185 "to 0.864"
Up Topic Welding Industry / ASME Codes / PQR, WPS, WPQ

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