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Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / JB Weld to prevent hood destruction? / introduction
- - By Boilermaker84 Date 11-02-2017 02:21
Hi, gang. First post. My name is Dan. I'm 33. I build industrial pressure vessels, which many of you know require a ton of backgouging. Problem is, it's very tough on hoods. I exclusively run pipeliners, and after a while the fiberglass starts to burn up and melt.

I'll usually just buy a new one when they get too burnt up, but I've heard of guys smearing a thin layer of JB Weld around the lens and on the front where they get really torched. I was considering trying it out. Has anyone done this? Pros and con's, maybe? I know it'll add a bit of weight, which is a drawback, because I like how light Pipeliners are, but nothing I can't live with. If anyone has a better idea, I'm all ears. Thanks for any input! Dan.

Ps: I'd include a manly picture of how wasted my hoods get after only a couple months, but not too sure how to post one.
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 11-02-2017 10:29
When that JB burns, who knows what kind of toxic evil it’s going to make?

I would try a Huntsman hood.   They are made from the toughest material imaginable.

I’ve got two of Em over 25 years old
Parent - - By yojimbo (***) Date 11-02-2017 15:54

Regarding pipeliner JB weld repair:  Absolutely.  I spent two years following the Rocky Mountain Express pipeline working on the compressor stations.  This was API 1104 down hand rod work, mostly on large bore/ heavy wall piping.  Two guys would brother in law a 42" diameter/.975 wall, usually 1 joint a day.  5P root/ 70+ hot/fill/cap.  This was my first run on that kind of work and I was in for some surprises.  First thing I discovered was that after about a month of this welding was that the outside of the lens enclosure on my pipeliner hood was nearly completely destroyed, mostly on the lower side where many hundreds of pounds of 3/16 70+ slag had fallen and collected.  Having to keep my eye on the puddle required being below it, I tend to keep my head pretty close to the weld for the best visual acuity and within a month the hood lens enclosure was basically a hole.  Bought another hood- did the same thing to it in another month and decided replacement wasn't the best option.  Did the JB weld thing, formed up a lens enclosure, sanded it smooth[ish] and reused the hood.  Worked like a charm.  Looked a little funny because I never painted it white [paint would never have held up] and the amazing thing was that the repair was more heat/slag resistant than the fiberglass.  The repair never suffered any further damage not even superficial pitting, as such I wouldn't worry much about toxic fumes because the JB weld never broke down.

The other surprise was when I went for a haircut a few weeks after hiring on.  The hair dresser wanted to know what I wanted her to do with the palm sized patch of baldness on the back of my head?  When she showed me with the mirror  I was unpleasantly surprised at my hirsute nakedness I'd been walking around with.  Had a stern conversation with my welding brother in law asking him how it was that he never mentioned it.  Not like I could see the back of m head- that was his job I thought- watching my back.  Learned to shift my welding cap to prevent furthering the stench of burning hair.

That was one hell of a fun job.
Parent - By Boilermaker84 Date 11-10-2017 07:12
Thanks for the replies, guys. Think I'm gonna try the old JB method on my hood. As for the Huntsman suggestion: I've got one. Never really cared for it that much. It's been hanging in the garage at home for the last ten years next to my equally-neglected Miller Elite lol
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / JB Weld to prevent hood destruction? / introduction

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