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- By Deepu VB Date 01-28-2018 13:55
Hi everyone,

Can I know the PWHT temperature and soaking time of a particular weld can be decided based upon the weld metal PWHT requirements as mentioned in ASME Sec 2 Part C.

For example, I am using a base metal SA335 P11 grade 4" sch 40 pipe weld with E8018-B2 welding rod SMAW process. The PWHT can be selected according to ASME Sec 2 part C as, SFA 5.5, E8018-B2 PWHT for 690 plus or minus 15 degree celcius for 1 hour soaking. Is this correct the correct way.

- - By sreedhar Date 02-20-2018 11:14
hi everyone,
may i know how to find the pwht temperature range for any alloy by any methods,
Parent - By Tyrone (***) Date 02-20-2018 13:00
Start with Google.
- - By jayesh2408 Date 07-17-2018 11:53
Dear all
In my company, one issue is we face recentely. 75/150 mm thick shell is subjected to PWHT at temperature of 610 degree for 3 hours.. But due to failure in Furnace, shell is heated to 500 deg C for 4 hours.
So,please tell me due to this problem any metallurgical and mechanical property damage occur? if damage occur how can i verify? any testing required for that verification ? And again we have to perform PWHT for 610 degree for 3 Hour? And please give some proof data for this type of problem..

Parent - - By Eutectic (**) Date 07-19-2018 06:20
To give you a precise answer it si required to know the material you are working with.
But for CS in general this temeperature should not be an issue at all. For low alloys 2.25Cr1Mo type materials depnding heating rate cooling rate there is a possibility of tempered matensite embrittlement.
Basic checks for fabricaitn are:
NDE assuming- cacks might develop if your have fast heating cooling rate especially at think/thick combinations
Hardness - this should give you proof that no damage metallurgical or mechanical strength loss. It will not gie you info on embrittlement.
Replicas if you have an material that is sensiteve to embrittlement.
Mathematically - Use teh holloman Jaffe or larson miller equation to proof that 610 for 3 hours is exponentially more temper effect than 4 hours at 500C.
Parent - By jayesh2408 Date 07-19-2018 06:26
Thanks For your reply. I want to know any clause in div 1, that tell me about, that it is not problem abotion of heattreatment?
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