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- - By Welderman33 Date 04-23-2018 13:05

There are three standards for the qualification of visual weld inspectors: AWS QC-1, AWS B5.1 (Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors) and the AWS B5.2 (Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspector Specialists and Welding Inspector Assistants)

How is see it is as follows:

AWS QC-1 is for AWS Qualified Welding Inspectors (Can only be qualified by the AWS qualification program)

AWS B5.1 is for the Qualification of AWI, WI and SWI. This qualification can be done in-house

AWS B5.2  is for the Qualification of WI specialists and Assistants. This qualification can also be done in-house.

What is the difference between the AWS B5.1 and the AWS B5.2 inspectors?

Best regards,
Parent - - By Steelslinger (**) Date 04-23-2018 19:37
From looks of it, B5.1 is the standard used from qualifying in-house inspectors, also referenced by QC1 for Certified Inspectors.

Whereas, B5.2 looks to be the blueprint for creating a written practice (or system) for Welding Inspector Specialist and Assistants.

If you look at the Scope for all three of the books you listed, it sheds a little light on the differences.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 04-23-2018 21:59
B5.1 is used in conjunction with QC1. One way to explain the difference is: B5.1 defines the rock and QC1 certifies it is a rock.

B5.1 defines the qualification of the AWI, WI, and the CWI. It defines the education, experience, job responsibilities, etc. of the three levels of qualification.

QC1 defines how the three levels are certified by AWS and what must be done to maintain the certifications, i.e., the CAWI, CWI, and SCWI. QC1 also defines endorsements and how they can be utilized to maintain the CWI and SCWI certifications.

B5.2 defines the qualifications and certification of in-house visual inspectors. The certification is limited to the contractor's employees and is only valid for inspections performed on behalf of the employer.

I hope that helps.

Parent - By Welderman33 Date 04-24-2018 10:52
Thank you both for the info, this will help me further!
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / Visual Inspection standard differences (AWS B5.1, AWS B5.2)

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