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- - By ididntdoit89 (*) Date 05-07-2018 17:56
Does anyone know if RCSC or AISC requires the steel fabricator to do PIV or any form of testing on TC bolts?
Parent - By Steelslinger (**) Date 05-07-2018 21:02
The Specifications are available for free download from AISC's website.
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 05-07-2018 22:55
Only if they are going to use them to put a building together. 

Are you QC, QA, or other? 

What type of structure and what does the Engineer call out as the bolting specs? 

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day ,  Brent
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 05-07-2018 23:35
Is the fabricator installing the bolts in the shop? ie. Bolted clips that will be tensioned in the shop.
If so, RCSC requires a pre-installation verification.
If bolts are shipped to the site for the erector to use and will be pre-tensioned in the field, the erector should perform the pre-installation verification.
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 05-08-2018 12:56
I will add a situation here based upon John's statement.

Many shops will bolt small parts to be shipped using TC bolts.  They will 'snug tighten' them and then put wire around the threads to keep them from backing out during shipping.  No PIV is needed as they did not do the break off and finish tightening of the TC bolts. 

Some parts are put on where they belong so the erector doesn't have to sort through pallets of parts looking for the right ones.  But, they are not finished off as there may be adjustments to make in the field.  May not even want some parts in the way until members are hanging where they go then start bolting. 

Adam and I were giving you info for your own research but with the added posts giving you some guidance I felt inclined to add this.

- By AA-RON Date 05-08-2018 15:16
Generally only bolts that are required to be fully pre-tensioned or are in slip critical connections need PIV.
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