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- - By TxMike Date 10-05-2018 15:49
Hello, I'm new to this, having just gotten my CWI. I was contacted by a guy that needs qualified to weld 42in X52 grade 350 wall .375" thickness pipe to pipe with E6010 open root and E7018 fill and cap.
His company does not have a WPS to test to and he says the pipe is for structural use.

Does D1.1 have a prequalified WPS for this?

Does a plate test cover this since it would qualify him for greater than 24 inch pipe?

As far as I can tell, D1.1 only has prequalified WPS for backing and back gouging.
Parent - - By Steelslinger (**) Date 10-05-2018 17:52 Edited 10-05-2018 17:58
Well, with no WPS to follow, there is nothing to test him with.

X52 Grade 350, I don't see that on the AWS Base Metal Grouping list. I do see several 5L Grade X52 variants. So if one of them lines up to be what the guy is talking about, depending on the situation (actual code being welded to, process, wire, etc), a Prequalified PQR/WPS can be written (again, if D1.1 is the code being used). With it being Open Root, it would not be Prequalified. Sounds like they want to weld it like API 1104, and frankly not sure what structural use a 42" pipe would be, there are possibilities I guess.

Really, the company should be taking care of all of this, setting up the PQR/WPS, getting the guy qualified.

Personally, I would not be performing any inspection based services without getting properly set up with business licenses, Quality manuals & procedures, insurances etc. Plus a lengthy well designed contract that clearly defines my responsibilities and liabilities. And this is not something I would tackle right out of the gate of getting my CWI.
Parent - By TxMike Date 10-05-2018 19:13
Thanks for the reply. I teach welding at a tech school and sometimes businesses in the area want their welders tested. In the past, the businesses had their own procedures that we tested the welders to.

In this case, a welder called me and told me his foreman told him to get a D1.1 cert but he doesn't know what he needs. It turns out he is welding a drain pipe for something.

I told him they would need to bring a procedure to me or they'd have to have one qualified or I can use a prequalified WPS that we use for plate but I really have no idea what he's welding so I cant begin to say that the plate test is going to be appropriate.

He said he would get some more info. Thanks for the help.
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