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- - By Matt F (*) Date 10-19-2018 20:00
We need to weld an unlisted round bar to plate and meet the requirements of both D1.1 2015 and another (similar) welding code.

Is the best way to qualify the procedure to treat the round bar as plate, and machine a flat PQR plate from the round bar?  What if the round bar isn't available in a size large enough to meet the requirements of the figure that shows the PQR plate dimensions?
Parent - - By Shane Feder (****) Date 10-21-2018 10:59
Are you intending the round bar to plate to be complete penetration, partial penetration or fillet welded ?
Parent - By Matt F (*) Date 11-06-2018 13:25
We would be using this material for a variety of applications.  Typically fillet welds (the round bar is inserted into a hole and fillet welded all the way around).
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 10-22-2018 00:08
Ask the customer or engineer if a plate PQR for the unlisted base metal would be satisfactory if a prequalified flare bevel would be used in production.
Parent - - By SWN1158 (***) Date 10-22-2018 12:17 Edited 10-22-2018 13:04
Just a thought, but if the unlisted round bar is for an auxiliary attachment, 3.4 allows for its use with a prequalified WPS, as long as (1) the chemical composition range falls within the range of a steel listed in Table 3.1, and (2) the EOR approves its use.
Parent - By Matt F (*) Date 11-06-2018 13:27
The round bar is a primary load-carrying member.
Parent - By Matt F (*) Date 11-06-2018 13:26
It would be used for a number of different joint configurations - but primarily fillet welds.
The main problem is that we can't get this material in plate.
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