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- - By ididntdoit89 (*) Date 11-27-2018 17:25

    I am a CWI with Level II certs. in UT, MT, and PT. I have been in inspection for 10 years and have been a CWI for 3 years. I only have inspection experience in a Fabrication shop(beams, girders, stairs, and handrials). I am currently the QA/QC Manager. Sounds great right? not really. working in a fab shop with my current position, and my current certs. I only make about $24.60 an hour. Can someone please point me in a direction that I need to go?
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 11-27-2018 23:27 Edited 11-28-2018 15:37
Do you attend you local meetings of AWS? Have you built a network of people working in the same industry or related industries? Are you willing to relocate? How far are you willing to travel?

When you say you are earning $24/hour, does that include benefits such as medical insurance, 401K, paid holidays, etc.

Try to purchase medical insurance for yourself and your family. Find out how much it costs per month, per year, per hour and add that to your base salary. Figure how many paid holidays you get and calculate how much that adds to your hourly rate.

My point is, you may be receiving $24/hr in the wallet, but what are you actually being paid in aggregate? If you jump ship, will the new position pay at least what you are currently earning? People often overlook the cost of benefits. There is more to the question than what you are receiving in the wallet. Don't forget your overtime if your current job involves overtime and you are a hourly employee.

I bought up the subject of benefits because it is easy to forget they are part of your pay. Consider my case; the last year I had to pay for medical coverage out of my own pocket (because I am self-employed) it cost me about 28K just for the insurance premium. Dividing that 28K by 2000 hours (50 wks x 40 hours), it amounts to $14/hour. In other words, not counting holidays, paid vacation time, sick days (if you have them), your employer is paying $38.00/hr to keep you on the payroll. That doesn't include the other benefits, social security, or workers comp. In my industry, my worker's comp. insurance premium would be 100% of what the employee's hourly wage (one reason I have no employees). 

I'm not saying you should stay where you are, I'm just saying if you do consider jumping ship, make sure the total pay package is at least as good as what you currently have. Don't simply look at the hourly wage going into the wallet. Look at their medical package. What is the deductable and what are the copays? They can add up very quickly. Without a good group plan, the older you are, the more expensive medical coverage is.

Best regards - Al
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / What's next for my Career?

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