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- - By CWI-BRI (*) Date 11-28-2018 15:37
Good morning Gentlemen,
I am qualifying a few of my shop guys for all positions unlimited thickness for NR232- Using Fig. 4.16 to build my test plates- 1"- doing a 3g and 4g test.
Now- my question is- Do they have to backgouge in order to be qualified to perform CP/BG? Or does a coupon with backing qualify for both backing and backgouging? I cant find anything in clause 4 that clearly defines this.
Thanks in advance!
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 11-28-2018 15:40
There is no standard AWS performance qualification test that includes a back gouging operation. When the welder is qualified with backing, he is also qualified for double welded joints that include a back gouging operation.

Parent - By CWI-BRI (*) Date 11-28-2018 15:55
Thank you AL!
Parent - - By WeldinFool (**) Date 11-28-2018 21:19
If this is correct, and a welder that is qualified with backing is considered to be qualified for joints without backing that include a back-gouging operation, then what does D1.1:2015 Table 4.12 refer to on line 6?
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 11-28-2018 21:45 Edited 11-29-2018 01:59
Read clause 4.20 of D1.1:2015. Text trumps tables and figures in most cases.

Table 4.12, item 6 is applicable to welders that were qualified with backing, but now the production weld is made without backing and the joint is specified as CJP from one side, i.e., backing is omitted. Keep in mind there are no prequalified open root groove details, i.e., the contractor has to qualify the procedure for CJP grooves welded from one side without backing before the welder can be qualified.

Double groove welds are considered partial joint penetration groove welds unless they are back gouged or the WPS is qualified by testing. Refer clause 3.12.1. Double groove welds are typically considered to be made with backing, i.e., the root face serves as backing. 

Parent - By WeldinFool (**) Date 11-29-2018 18:01
Al, thank you. I have been using this table out of context, and have not been referring to the text first.
But, this is still confusing; Table 4.12 says to see clause 4.19, which simpy says that changes beyond the variables given in Table 4.12 shall require re-qualification.
But then if you read the very next clause (4.20), it shoots this whole thing down in the first paragraph.
Gotta love the "farm code" :grin:
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