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Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / D1.2 and 2FR qualification ??
- - By Quality0537 (*) Date 12-06-2018 14:11
Can anyone help me identify in what ways it may be possible to qualify a welder to 2FR outside of taking the actual 2FR test. Being the 2FR is a rotated fillet test, would it be supportable to grant this qualification after a 1G Rotated test done on same size pipe?

Table 3.7 shows that we can get a certification for all positions by taking two different Stationary tests the 2G and the 5G - but how does a stationary test qualify for a rotated condition?

If the job is welding 3 inch schedule 40 pipe to itself in a 1G rotated configuration and also welding the same pipe to a plate in a T-joint with a fillet weld. This would appear to require two different welder qualification tests a 1G Rotated and a 1F Rotated. Or we could give a 2G stationary and a 5 G stationary test to be qualified for ALL positioning.

Practical applications would suggest that the rotated tests would be better matched to provide an accurate test of the welding condition than a stationary test.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 12-06-2018 15:09
Great question.

I had to stare at the table for a few minutes...

This is how I read it.

The "Type of Weld and Position of Welding Qualified" column is the key to this.

The "rotated" designation does not appear in the positions qualified column;  Meaning Horizontal is Horizontal... whether or not it's fixed or rotated when it applies to fillets "in production".

If your testing (whatever it may be) qualifies for horizontal fillets on the table, than the way I read the code, your welders are good to go whether the pipe is rotated or not.
Parent - By Quality0537 (*) Date 12-08-2018 17:10

Thank-you for the clear and concise response. Myself and others had been going around in circles about this and the fact that 2F and 2FR are separate in table 3.7 but appear to provide for the same exact qualification.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / D1.2 and 2FR qualification ??

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