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- - By Jmerz2046 (*) Date 02-23-2019 07:21
Procedure qualification in accordance with ASME SECTION IX
VIckers Hardness Testing in accordance with NACE MR0175

I am in the process of procuring plate material for a procedure qualification in accordance with ASME IX and Vickers hardness testing as well. My question is in regards to the size of plate needed in order to full fill the requirements of the mechanical, tensile, and hardness testing under the previously mentioned specification/codes. I do know the size of plate needed for a procedure qualification with mechanical and tensiles being the only testing but I’m questioning weather or not to add a couple inches to my test weld coupon or if the standard sizes mentioned under QW-462 “Test Specimen”, will be enough. Another question would be, when the lab is testing my welded test coupon, do they perform the hardness test to a cross section that would later be designated for a tensile test or vice versus? If that is the case then I suppose the minimum size recommended in ASME IX would be correct. The last thing I want to do is order the wrong size and get a call stating that all the testing needed cannot be performed do to not having the required amount of material. I have did my research, for example, I reviewed NACE MR0175, ASTM A384, and ASME IX and couldn’t find the answer to my question, oh yeah let’s not forget google. I already made a call to our local test lab but did not get to speak with anyone do to it being after hours. I figured I would ask on the forum, since I have had good luck in the past with having my questions answered and maybe it will help someone else out down stream.

Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 02-23-2019 18:54
Go with T x 7 x 20 inches. The sample should be large enough to have some extra in case the machinist screw up the machining of a reduced section tensile test specimen.

Parent - - By Jmerz2046 (*) Date 03-01-2019 16:29
I end up ordering  the material so that I would end up with a weld coupon of 10” x 16”. That extra 4 inches of length would’ve blown the bank. (According to the boss) I ended up finding the actual  answer in ASME IX But still went with your suggestion and added a few more inches just in case.  Thanks Al.

Parent - - By Steve Parmelee Date 12-13-2019 19:36
Where did you find your answer? I'm having similar troubles.
Parent - - By Jmerz2046 (*) Date 12-13-2019 19:54
This post was from a while ago so I will do my best to help you out. Can you be a little more specific on what it is your having an issue. The testing that I had performed was completed. I can go into my notes for that purchase order if I do not have the answer off the top of my head. Anyways, I'm alot more knowledgeable now as opposed to when this post was created on the matter. So, with that said, whats up?
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 12-13-2019 21:09
The extra length will come in handy if the machinist doesn't machine a specimen correctly, i.e. it slips in the clamps, etc. or in a recent case the contractor has a job come in that has to be tested for notch toughness a month after the WPS is finalized. With the extra length, there is enough of the weld left to perform CVN without having to weld up another coupon!

Parent - By Jmerz2046 (*) Date 12-13-2019 22:57
I agree.
That's standard practice for welded test coupons here at our facility now. Plan for the unexpected because more than likely the unexpected will happen.
In short, you can't go wrong with extra material. (in most cases)
I thought maybe there would be additional questions that Steve may have that was related to the post. His reply was a little vague to me and I wanted him to be a little more specific. I know it sounds pretty cut and dry when you read the comments before but just thought he was looking for a reply a little more in depth.

Steve: QW-462
Depending on the type of test(s) / test specimen(s) this is as far as I can go in regards to what I think your asking.

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