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- - By MRWeldSoCal (***) Date 04-22-2019 20:17 Edited 04-22-2019 20:39
Hey all,

Was asked to qualify some orbital welding on stainless tubing and there isnt any essential variables listed for automatic welding or orbital per say.   The type of orbital I believe has the tungsten inside and is based on the GTAW concept.  Does anyone have any experience going about finding my essential variables for this? From what I gather it refers to anything in this area as hybrid welding and QW-221 are all that apply to the welding process?

Does that mean that the existing Orbital settings are it as far as any variations for the welding?  I can see that being the case seeing as an automatic weld being made is pretty specific but again I cant find much more on it.

Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Parent - By Jovi Zhu (**) Date 07-16-2019 15:27
Hi JM,
For procedure qualification if it is GTAW you go to Table QW-256 for variables. And for performance qualification QW-361.2 for machine welding should apply.

Somebody correct me if I'm worng but I belive "automatic" means a welding done by a robot welding arm with minimal human involvement such as a welding operator.
Up Topic Welding Industry / ASME Codes / Orbital welding for ASME IX

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