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- - By Clifford Date 07-27-2019 13:53
Hi, everyone we are working on a bridge project with the massive CFSTs (Concrete Filled Steel Tube) up to 3m diameters. The Contract call for AWS D1.5 as the welding standard which is understandable as a bridge project. However, we are puzzled by the application of AWS D1.5 to the Steel Tube of the CFST as AWS D 1.5 specifically states it is NOT APPLICABLE to Tube Structure.

I would so much appreciate your kind help and thoughts in advance.

Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 07-27-2019 18:39
AWS codes grant the Engineer (representing the Own) a good amount of latitude with regards to modify the code to meet the needs of the design. The code provides a base line for design, fabrication, quality, etc. If the Engineer feels a particular code provides the level of control or quality needed, he can invoke the code he feels is appropriate. After all, it is his reputation and license that's on the line.

Parent - - By Clifford Date 07-27-2019 21:29
Firstly, I appreciate your reply so much.

Of course, as Engineer (ER), he can invoke the code and it is his decision and risk.  Before I raise this question, I check the welding requirement of several state DOT, though some of them require AWS D 1.5 on H pile, I found none of them require AWS D1.5 on pipe pile, instead, they only require AWS D 1.1 on pipe pile. That makes me wondering  if AWS D 1.5 really applicable to the said Pipe Pile or not?  As Contractor, I think I would have to issue RFI to the ER to ask him make clarification.

Again, I am so grateful to your kind reply and I am looking forward to hear more from you.

Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 07-27-2019 21:37
That's what I would do, i.e., make a written request to the Owner and ask for clarification. It's better to check than to make a costly mistake.

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