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- - By Jim Kester Date 07-18-2003 18:29
I have a chance to start my first job as CWI. I belong to a Union. An employer asked my business agent if he could hire me as a CWI and a Sheet Metal Worker. Business agent said yes. Is this something that should be considered. My question is: how do I separate inpection duties from sheet metal work? I will be inpecting sheet metal welders work. I've read the code of ethics.

Jim Kester
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 07-18-2003 20:08
Hi Jim,
I personally would not inspect my own work. I would not cheat, but others may perceive the situation like the possibility for it might exist. This is intirely my opinion, others may have run into this also and can help you seperate your duties without stirring up problems.
John Wright
Parent - By TimGary (****) Date 07-18-2003 20:35
All Quality Certification Authorities that I am aware of, such as AWS, ASME, AISC, ISO, etc. etc. have strict rules concerning the separation of Quality dept personnel and Production dept personnel.
This is to help prevent conflicts of interest.
This may not be the case at your job, but even so you'll probably be put on the spot sooner or later by having to reject work that has been performed by your co-worker buddy, or even your supervisor.
Welcome to the fun world of Inspection!
As far as how to separate the two jobs, I suggest that you get a clear definition of exactly what duties you are expected to perform and make sure that all affected supervisors have received this definition.
Good Luck!
Parent - By brande (***) Date 07-22-2003 05:36
If on the same job, I really don't think you can work as both a welder and a CWI. As I read the "code of ethics", if inspecting, you are responsible to ONE employer, in ONE capacity, on any given job.

Welding on this same job might mean a "conflict of interest", which the "code of ethics" is very much concerned about.

In some of the jobs I have been inspector on, I often have to sign a paper regarding conflict of interest.

All is not lost, however. The code of ethics does allow deviations if ALL concerned parties sign off on a document stating these deviations. If this is the case, I would keep this document in a very safe place.

As a CWI-you must protect your integrity at all times. It is all you have.

You spent much time, effort and money becoming a CWI. Do not waste this effort on a single job. As far as the "code of ethics" go-if doesn't seem right to you or you have questions, it will not, most likely, pass a "code of ethics" review.

Many don't care-but you should!

Hope this helps

Good Luck
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