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- - By aravindkm002 (*) Date 08-11-2020 11:14
Dear all,
As per ASME welder can be qualified by radiographing 150mm of weld length. Is there any such minimum rt length requirement for welder qualification in AWS D1.1?
If yes pls mention the clause
Parent - By Lawrence (*****) Date 08-11-2020 12:55

The entire length of the test assembly from end to end shall be evaluated in D1.1 welder performance qualification testing.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 08-11-2020 14:56
Since the 2020 edition of D1.1 is out and about, you should give careful consideration of using it when qualifying your welders. Hey, they have to do something to make people buy it!

Anyway, these are the clauses that probably answer your question:

6.23.3 RT. If RT is used in lieu of the prescribed bend tests, the weld reinforcement need not to be ground or otherwise
smoothed for inspection unless its surface irregularities or juncture with the base metal would cause objectionable weld
discontinuities to be obscured in the radiograph. If the backing is removed for RT, the root shall be ground flush (see ) with the base metal. RT Test Procedure and Technique. The RT procedure and technique shall be in conformance with the
requirements of Clause 8, Part E and Clause 10, Part F for tubulars. For welder qualification, exclude 1 -1 /4 in [32 mm]
at each end of the weld from evaluation in the plate test; for welding operator qualification exclude 3 in [75 mm] at each
end of the test plate length.

Best regards - Al
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 08-12-2020 17:52
Thanks Al....  You are right and I was wrong.

It's the visual inspection that precedes the RT which shall be full length.

It's good to have the very best around to make sure good data gets out.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 08-12-2020 17:55
That's why we keep you here. To make sure all of us stay on the straight and narrow. We lean on your expertise.

Parent - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 08-13-2020 09:20
Gosh you two ....even an old rod slinger knows the ends of the test plate are excluded.:twisted:

Having said that. I don't know where I would be without both of you.  Probably happier....they keep telling me ignorance is bliss.  Maybe I need a planned head injury!  {joke}
- By 803056 (*****) Date 08-13-2020 12:59 Edited 08-13-2020 13:46
The 1-inch test plate only has to be 5-inches long. Subtract 1 1/4-inches from each end and the code says your a qualified welder if you can produce an 2 1/2-inches of good weld. That's kind of sad when you think about it.

Just saying - Al
- - By Miller1992 Date 02-19-2021 01:52
Good evening everyone, I am a beginner Welder only been welding for two years. I landed my first field job doing structural welding. It is a great job but is difficult, alot difference than being in a fab shop.we are smaw very thin wall squared tubing. I know there are a few welds that did not turn out as good as I thought. When the welding inspector comes and checks them out and if they fail, what can I expect to happen thank you.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 02-19-2021 05:02
The worst case is the number of welds rejected is high enough the company decides they can do without your services.

Just saying - Al
Parent - By Miller1992 Date 02-19-2021 20:06
Thank you I appreciate  it. I have one more question can my cert be taken away?
Parent - - By TimGary (****) Date 02-19-2021 12:32
No one can accurately say what will happen, as every situation is different.
I can say that one of the best things for you to do is to own up to your mistakes, learn from them and figure out a way to improve.

Ideas -
If there are other Welders there who are being successful, respectfully ask for help / instruction.
If you went to a welding school, go back and ask your Instructor for help / advice.
If you can accurately describe the welding conditions here, material, thickness, joint type, root opening, electrode type/size, power source, defect issues, you can get some good advice.

Parent - By Miller1992 Date 02-19-2021 20:08
Thank you I appreciate it. I am welding 1/16 square tubing. I keep getting undercut and blow through.
Parent - - By Miller1992 Date 02-19-2021 20:10
Tim can they take away my welding cert? Honestly I have never stick welded square tubing, I have always flux welded it, but this company doesn't do flux.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 02-19-2021 20:36 Edited 02-19-2021 22:10
And so what process are you using and what parameters are you using?

If you've been qualified by your current employer, the answer is "yes" they can pull your certification.

The entity that paid for the qualification test "owns" the "certification". If you paid for the test, you own the "certification" in which case the employer simply doesn't recognize it. In effect, you are no longer certified under their auspices. The paper is still in your pocket, but you current employer would no longer considers you certified for any work you perform for them as their employee.

There are welding standards that require every employer to qualify their welders (employees) by testing. The qualification (certification) is not transferable from one employer to the next. In the case of AWS structural welding codes, the qualification is transferable to a new employer if the new employer and the customer accepts it.

My question to you is, "What qualification test did you take and who paid for it? What welding process did you use? What base metal was used? What filler metal was used? How thick was the test pieces? What positions did you take the test in? What was the product form (pipe or plate or tubular)"

Based on what you wrote in your post, there is a chance you are not qualified for the product form, the process, or the thickness you are welding. If that is the case, the qualification test and "certification" may not be applicable to the work you are currently doing. Without details, there isn't a lot we can tell you. I asked a lot of questions because the answers you provide may have a bearing on the situation you find yourself in.

If your employer didn't qualify you for the work you are doing, shame on him.

That's the best I can do with the information you provided. It is dangerous to try to give you a definite answer by drawing inference from limited information.

Best regards - Al
Parent - By Miller1992 Date 02-20-2021 00:48
Thank you for your response. I paid for the cert a while ago. The strange thing about this employer is that I didn't even take a weld test to get the job. They just hired me and put me to work.
Parent - By Miller1992 Date 02-20-2021 01:03
We are doing smaw 7018 3/32 3g,4g on squared tubing some 1/8 thick others 14 gauge
Parent - - By Miller1992 Date 02-20-2021 01:05
I am certified 7018 3/32 3g,4g 1/8th thru unlimited  plate test
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 02-20-2021 03:41
You paid for the qualification test, so the report is yours. It's like a high school diploma, no one can take it away from you.

The shame is on your employer for having you work on stuff that isn't covered by the test you took. Your qualification test only includes base metal (carbon steel and high strength low alloy steel) as thin as an 1/8-inch and thicker. A plate test doesn't cover you for thin wall smaller sized tubular materials. They know that and they also know you don't have years of experience under your belt.

It isn't uncommon to hear stories like yours especially from someone just starting a new career. Everyone takes their lumps and bumps. That how we learn and get more skilled over time.

Learn and earn while you are working for this employer. Improve your skills by paying attention. Over time, you will get better. Trust me. Find a mentor that can help you. A local welder that is more experienced or your welding instructor. Even though you are no longer a student, I'm sure he will offer advice if asked. Its in the instructor's blood or he wouldn't be an instructor. They want to see their students excel once they get out into the real world.

Don't worry about your certification. If your employer was upfront, they would have tested you and they would have paid for the test. They wouldn't have to give you a copy and many companies don't give the welder a copy because they are afraid you'll quit and go to work for someone else for better pay.

If the inspector tells you he's going to pull your papers just turn away. The certification papers stay in your desk drawer at home. If your employer wants a copy, fine, but you keep the original. It's yours!

Good luck - Al
Parent - By Miller1992 Date 02-23-2021 02:40
Thank you very much for all your help, have a good day.
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