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Up Topic Welding Industry / ASME Codes / STUD WELD PQR AS PER ASME SEC IX
- - By ganeshrnair9 Date 08-18-2020 06:47

I want to qualify a stud weld WPS as per ASME SEC IX. But power source is written as essential variable. What I need to mention in the pqr as power source (the machine name, current type or voltage).
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 08-18-2020 16:07
Did you read QW-409.11? That tells you what to list.

Parent - By Jovi Zhu (**) Date 09-01-2020 05:27
Just for reference I have a stud welding WPS/PQR at hand for Section I application from a manufacturer showing "Power Source: ABC-XXXX (a model number by the power source manufacturer)" besides other applicable aspects filled in the suggested FORM QW-482 & 483. Nobody's ever questioned such so far.

However, be reminded that for ASME B&PVC most stud welding are used to attached non-load carrying and non-pressure retaining parts so this does not necessarily mean a best way to fill the PQR or WPS and it might be just out of the government of ASME rules for "safety relating only to pressure integrity" without triggering anybody's concern such as the Authorized Inspector and for such case WPS/PQR act more like a routine paperwork to at least give the welding operator minimum guideline in written when an ASME Stamp holder do not want to invent a format of written welding guideline by his own. What is your construction section? I, IV or VIII, etc.?

Do you have your Company AIA of record to consult with?

Good luck!
Up Topic Welding Industry / ASME Codes / STUD WELD PQR AS PER ASME SEC IX

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