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- - By brownl21 (*) Date 12-09-2020 16:33
In preparation for applying for an ASME accreditation a colleague said we must have a designated NDT Level 3 on retainer.  Our intention is to use contractors for all NDT with the exception of VT.   I'm curious what this is in reference to.  I haven't come across this requirement.  I suppose you could make the argument just based on the description of different qualification levels in SNT-TC-1A and QC1.  Is anyone aware of a more explicit requirement in Section XIII-1 or 2, or it's referenced standards, for having a level III on retainer?  Thanks!
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 12-10-2020 02:43
Based on your post it appears you are applying for an ASME "Stamp". The process involves a joint agreement between the contractor, an insurance company that will provide the insurance coverage and will provide an Authorize Inspector to protect their interests, and of course, the ASME.

Your first step should be to contact several insurance companies that provide the insurance coverage you need. The insurance company you select can help you develop a quality control system that will meet the requirements of ASME. The QC/QA system will include provisions to ensure the contractor has the necessary personnel with the experience and education to fulfill their responsibilities and how to comply with the requirements of the code. Included with be the mechanics of performing the code required NDE. Whether the NDE is performed by in-house personnel or it is contracted out to a third party vendor, the QA/QC program will include the requirements for the qualification and certification of the NDE personnel.

Good luck - Al
Parent - By brownl21 (*) Date 12-10-2020 14:05
It was one of the potential Authorized Inspectors that said we needed a level III on retainer.  If he ends up being our AI I'll ask him.  Was just curious where that came from.
Parent - By Jim Hughes (***) Date 12-18-2020 16:12
Your NDE level III does not have to be on retainer you will need an appointment letter on your companies letter head describing the NDE Company being appointed and for what methods. i.e. RT, UT, MT and PT. You send it to the Level III and he/she signs it and sends it back to you. Basic example below, but to be clear, if in fact you are applying for a code certificate, (stamp) i.e. R, U, S, then this process is much more in-depth than you have been told. Maybe you can give us more info about what you are trying to do?

Mr. xxxxx with xx Industrial Services, is hereby appointed Level III examiner for PT, MT, RT, UT and VT, for xxxx EPC ASME Code work.

Please confirm acceptance of this appointment by signing below.  Return the signed original to:
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