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- - By Lewis87 (*) Date 03-13-2021 13:05 Edited 03-13-2021 13:10
Hope your day is going well. I'm a bit curious about why I can't get my Tensile tests to pass...

Code: ASME Section 9 (latest edition)

Material: 0.25"-316/316L to 0.25"-316/316L

Electrode: ER316LHS, 0.035"

Joint: Square Groove with 1/8" root opening.

Technique: Using GMAW with back gouging with hard disc to sound material. knocking off the scale of the laser cut curf.

According to the material MTR, it has an ultimate tensile strength of 89.76 KSI
The results of the tension pull is ranging from 78,000 to 91,000.  I need to get 2 specimens to pass for each plate. One is either passing or close to it and the second is way under.

Any advice would help. Thank you!

One more question for this.  Where in Section 9 does it give me the range I can use for a WPS?  I'm getting cross-eyed looking at this code.  Thanks again.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-13-2021 17:21
I don't recollect ever seeing an austenitic stainless steel fail a tensile test unless there was a defect in the weld. If you are welding 304, 316, 321, or any 18/8 stainless, the target UTS is 75 ksi. Look at table QW/QB-422.

Parent - - By Lewis87 (*) Date 03-13-2021 19:45
Thank you. I will do that.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-15-2021 13:29
I reread your post and noticed you mentioned using a grinder to prepare the joint and to perform the back gouge.

Check your grinding disk. Many of them use aluminum oxide as the abrasive. It is general the kiss of death when welding aluminum. Consider using a carbide rotary burr. Make sure the burr is intended for soft material like aluminum or brass.

Parent - - By Lewis87 (*) Date 03-15-2021 21:07
I agree with you on using a burr for prepping aluminum. 

I did look at table QW/QB-422 again and yes, my stainless tensile specimens did pass according to the table specs. Thank you sir!
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-15-2021 21:19
That's what I like to hear.

Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 03-19-2021 01:45
The tensile tests need to meet the requirements for the specified minimum tensile strength (Probably 70KSI) and NOT what is on the MTR.
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