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Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / 1104 In Service Sleeve test opinions needed.
- - By Pawndave (*) Date 05-16-2021 05:53
Next week I am testing 2 welders on the 1104 In service sleeve test.  My client is having us do the test coupon in the pic, under 500PSI of Nitrogen, Is anybody familiar with this test method? And it's on 16" to weld 20".. I've never heard of this test being carried out this way. They are doing 2G plate tests to capture the groove weld..
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 05-16-2021 20:17
A couple of words comes to mind - Very Dangerous Procedure.

Welding on a closed vessel pressurized with any gas is very dangerous. Should the welder burn through the run pipe wall, you would have an uncontrolled release of the stored energy of the nitrogen gas.

From API 1104 19th edition
For in-service welding, pipeline operating conditions that
affect the ability of the flowing contents to remove heat from the
pipe wall should be simulated while test joints are being made.
Note: Filling the test section with water and allowing water to flow
through the test section while the test joint is being made has been
shown to produce thermal conditions equivalent to or more severe
than any typical in-service welding application (see Figure B-2).
Welders qualified under these conditions are therefore qualified for
any typical in-service application. Other media (e.g., motor oil) may
be used to simulate less severe thermal conditions.
For heat input control procedures, the welder should be
able to demonstrate the ability to maintain a heat input level
within the range specified. For temper bead procedures, the
welder should be able to demonstrate proper bead placement.

Does the client have any means to control or vent the gas in the event of over pressurization?

I would probably place a good deal of mileage between myself, my company and that particular customer. I personally would not  want to expose myself to the potential liability or injury in this "experiment".

Just my opinion.

Parent - - By Pawndave (*) Date 05-17-2021 02:17
Thanks, I'm glad that Im not the only one feeling the same. I added a PRV to the coupon but they didnt feel like it was needed. Apparently this is a common test up in BC.. I've never heard of it..
Parent - By Lawrence (*****) Date 05-17-2021 12:40
Along with Al's always good advice; 

If the procedure is common, than there should be a WPDS and supporting PQR's sealed by the CWB Procedures group ready at hand.

You could at the very least ask to review these as a starting point.   If they can't produce, or the procedures don't make sense, Run.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / 1104 In Service Sleeve test opinions needed.

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