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- - By welderbrent (*****) Date 06-23-2021 18:48
Good Day All,

This has been a very good discussion ongoing on the Members Only Forum.  There has been much confusion for years about this topic and the implementation of ATF's and now the new 'Qualifier' Endorsement only add to the confusion. But it is imperative that one knows the proper terminology and uses it in its' proper applications. 

See this link to understand the basis of the discussion if you are an AWS Member:

The bottom line is mostly in terminology.  There are Certified Welders, Welders Certified To AWS Codes, and there are AWS Certified Welders.  The first may be certified by their employer to any code, standard, or their own QC documents.  The second are Qualified and then have the WPQR signed to certify its' correctness and application to an AWS Code.  The third are qualified and then certified by those representing AWS through the ATF program that is now also implementing the Qualified Endorsement along with other provisions of their QC program for qualifying welders. 

There have been great statements in the thread on the Members Only Forum by Al, Daryl, Walt, and Pryde with other good comments by Roger, Samuel, and others. 

I would agree overall that A3.0 as well as other AWS codes and standards need some serious evaluation and rework of terminology to get everyone on the same page.

But somewhere we have really had a serious disconnect when we have people claiming that they are the only ones who can do any particular job.  This also fits with those who claim that only an SCWI can write WPS's.  That is not stated anywhere.  The fact is that only an SCWI has been tested thoroughly enough to fit the qualification as proven by their testing that they have the knowledge to do so.  An SCWI is required to be able to.  Others can and may also be just as good if not better than some holding the SCWI credential.  But, ONLY the SCWI is required to be able to and has supposedly proven so when they took their SCWI exam.  I personally do not agree fully with that claim, but, that is the stand taken by AWS leadership. 

The point of that is that we have many, most of whom are SCWI's, that claim that ONLY SCWI's can write WPS's.  False.  That is not what is stated.  But, it needs a bit of clarification. 

Al has thrown down the gauntlet.  The best and fastest way to get this cleared up will probably be by taking certain people to task with charges to the Ethics Committee.  Beyond that, take them to court.  Only those who have suffered the loss of work or employment will have proper standing in the courts to be able to do so.  But others can file friend of the court briefs if we get someone to court on this issue. 

We have indeed created a problem with so many documents but it is mostly contributed to be those who do not have the documents or do not have the ability to properly evaluate their verbal content as it applies to our jobs.  AWS may be partly to blame, but I lay even more of the burden on the backs of those who have not really considered the context, interpretation, and application of what they are trying to stand upon when they say no one but them can do this because the others don't have either their CWI or are not an ATF. 


Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 07-13-2021 18:06
When in doubt, read the instructions. Works with many things including welding stuff.

Hope all is well Brent
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