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- - By primeszat2003 Date 10-24-2003 19:32
Please, I need help.

I am an OEM stuck between a vendor and a customer with differing opinions on the requirements of AWS D1.3

I am being told by the customer that in order for the vendor to be in compliance with D1.3 he must do the following:

A. Either have a certified outside source write an approved welding procedure which the vendor must then adhere to OR if the vendor writes his own procedure it must be sent out for approval by an outside source (Customer called this a Certified Welding Inspector) and stamped by the CWI.

B. Additionally, in order to qualify a particular individual to perform the weld in accordance with A above, he/she must create the weld in the presence of the CWI, and then have the weld inspected by a qualified, outside testing lab.

The vendor says he can write his own procedure, which is in his opinion in compliance with D1.3, (or use an existing compliant one), and have a pre-qualified welder make the weld.

Who is right?

Better yet, what are the rules governing the procedure and qualification process? (Possibly email me the appropriate section of the specification?)

I have parts that are in limbo awaiting disposition, and I do not know how to break the tie. Any other suggestions anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much.
Parent - By CHGuilford (****) Date 10-24-2003 20:50
I posted a response under your Certification and Qualification entry.
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