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Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / UT of PP grove welds per AWS D1.1
- - By MJBAKER Date 11-11-2003 16:35
UT of PP welds? Does section 6 allow for UT testing of PP grove welds. If you look under RT scope it tells you right off "CPJ Grove welds" The scope for UT states for the "inspection of grove welds" Is this difference for the allowance of UT inspection of PP grove welds?
Parent - By - Date 11-12-2003 00:24
Unless I somehow missed it, I do not see that Section 6 of D1.1 limits RT to CJP welds only. I looked back as far as the 1994 edition (the earliest one I have), and it is the same.
It does state specifically (in all of the editions that I have) that it is for RT of "groove welds in butt joints", but it does not specify CJP or PJP. In fact, if you look at paragraph 6.16.2 (2002 edition - same wording can be found in other editions back to 1994), variations such as the RT of fillet welds, T-, and corner joints is allowed.
The same holds true for UT.
Parent - By - Date 11-12-2003 00:29
Sorry, but I forgot to mention that in the commentary at paragraph C6.16.1 it states that "the procedures and standards set forth in this section are primarily designed for the RT of CJP groove welds..." It has to be interpreted that because the requirements are only "primarily designed" for CJP welds, that RT of non-CJP welds is not excluded. I have yet to be on a D1.1 job, however, where RT was specified by contract for non-CJP welds.
Parent - By vonash (**) Date 11-23-2003 00:06
Partial Penetration welds do not easily lend themselves to RT or UT forms of nondestructive testing. Special UT procedures can be established and accepted by the Engineer of Record. UT operators need to be highly skilled and certified per ASNT-TC-1A.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / UT of PP grove welds per AWS D1.1

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