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- - By Dagwood (*) Date 12-16-2003 20:16
Hello everyone! I have been reading notes for the last few days and finally decided to write. I must say what a great place for information! Very impressed with some of the notes, some funny, some very serious but all informative!
A small bit of my background. I'm a CSA W178.2 Level III Welding inspector in Canada. It is basically the equivalent of the CWI in the U.S.. In Canada, we have several different areas that we can test to. For example, ASME Section VIII and IX, B31.3, ABS, Z662 oil and gas pipelines, and our structural steel standard W47.1/W59 (Similar to D1.1) I can get a reciprical certification for the AWS CWI for a fee. The question is, does the CWI have different areas of certification as well?
The company that I work for specializes in ASME and National Board ("U" and "R" Stamp) pressure vessels and corrosion reaistant weld metal overlay. I find it interesting because of the metallurgy involved.
Anyhow, just wanted to say hello.
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 12-16-2003 22:11
Welcome Dagwood!

You have come to the right place for information and communicating with other people of similar/related backgrounds.

Have a good day and again, welcome!

Gerald Austin
Iuka Mississippi

Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 12-16-2003 22:52
Hello and welcome,
I'm very limited on ASME knowledge, but there are other forum users that are quite knowledgeable on the ASME Sections and are very eager to help.
John Wright
Parent - - By Dagwood (*) Date 12-16-2003 23:44
Thank-you for the welcomes!!!
Can anybody tell me if there are separate certifications through the AWS CWI program for different areas of work? EG: ASME Section VIII/IX, B31.3, Pipelines, AWS D1.1. Or does the CWI cover welding inspection in general? Just curious.
If I were to pay the fee for the reciprical certification and I get the CWI certification, what would I be qualified to inspect?
In Canada I have qualifications for ASME Sections VIII/IX, B31.3, Pipelines and structural steel. Does that mean anything in the U.S.? Or is it a blanket certification for welding inspection?
Sorry, don't mean to ramble on!
Parent - - By thcqci (***) Date 12-17-2003 14:23
A CWI is a CWI, no specific areas for structural or ASME, etc.

Welcome to forum!
Parent - By WBI (*) Date 01-02-2004 17:55
A CWI is a CWI is a CWI. Yeah yeah yeah. Unfortunately, Too many carry the credential without knowing an electrode from an insert. There is a need for a distinction between API and Structural. Both have their idocyncracies and restrictions. I deal exclusively with structural and a CWI without knowledge of is pretty much useless when it comes to this kind of inspection. Knowing how to join two pieces of stainless or carbon pipe together isn't much help when the subject is the pre-heat and interpass temperature for a W14x311 wide flange beam.

Sorry CWI's but it gets a bit irritating sometimes
Parent - By CHGuilford (****) Date 12-17-2003 17:19
Glad to have your input. Welcome.
Chet Guilford
Parent - - By Neal Chapman (**) Date 01-03-2004 03:34

There is no specialization to the AWS CWI. There is a new movement toward endorsements for the CWI. Presently just Radiographic Interpreter but others are in the wings for NDE and Resistance Welding.
I look forward to your input on this board.
Parent - By vonash (**) Date 01-09-2004 21:21
American Welding Society issues certifications for structural welding inspection, although you can opt to use API 1104 for your specific examination module. I used the API 1104 code for my test. I also am ICC certified...special inspector - structural steel & welding ( try that test WBI). CWI is a good cert to have in your pocket.
Best regards,
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