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- - By 9shooter Date 03-23-2004 01:28
I'm having some difficulty finding 6020 weld rod. My local supplier didn't seem familiar with it and I can't find it on Lincoln's web site. I am going to be fabricating a boiler (boiler plate) and I like the propeties listed for this rod in one of my weld books. Especially like the 25% min. elongation listed. This boiler will see a lot of heat cycling.
Parent - By 357max (***) Date 03-23-2004 14:45
AWS FMC-93 lists Astrolite Alloys, Champion International, SA de CV, Robinson Technical Products Corporation, Thyssen Specialty Steels, Inc, Washington Alloy Company and Weldwell (NZ), Ltd. An internet search will find the addresses and contact information.
Parent - By G.S.Crisi (****) Date 03-23-2004 18:20
Take into account that E-6020 is not an electrode for all positions, but only for horizontal and plane.
Is it all right for you in making the boiler?
Giovanni S. Crisi
Sao Paulo - Brazil
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 03-23-2004 19:20
The "2" in the third digit is the indicator of the position and Giovanni is correct in that it can only be used in the flat and horizontal postions. A rod with a "1" in the third digit would indicate an all postion rod (ie. 7018).
John Wright
Parent - By 9shooter Date 03-24-2004 22:24
Thanks for the input. I'm new to the AWS even though I've been welding for 25 yrs. I can see I've been missing a lot of good technical information. I will be flipping the boiler to get 95% of the welds in the horozontal position. It is a little time consuming but it is essential to get near perfect fusion with a smooth weld bead using a filler rod with similar pysical properties as the base metal.
Parent - - By GRoberts (***) Date 03-25-2004 00:49
I'm wondering where you got the 25% elongation for the 6020 rod. AWS A5.1 has elongation minimums of 22% for E6010, E6011, E6019, E6020, E6027, E7015, E7016, E7018, E7027, E7028, and E7048. E7018M has a minimum of 24%, but none higher than that. I also looked at some E7018-1 certs with actual tests and elongation varied between 27-35% in the as-welded contdition. That should be plenty ductile, plus E7018-1 has a high toughness too. For cyclic loading, fatigue strength and toughness (resistance to crack propogations) are usually the most desirable properties. I don't know what kind of toughness E6020 normally has but there is no minimum specified in A5.1. For ductility and toughness, either E7018M or E7018-1 should fit the bill just tine and are more readily available not to mention thier are all position operability.
Parent - By 9shooter Date 03-25-2004 04:06
I got the elongation #'s from an old welding text book of mine. Welding Principles and Practices. It was last updated in 1981(my version). In this book they list E6020 and E6027 as having a minimum of 25% elongation in 2". I was somewhat unsure about using a 70 series rod because of the difference in ductillity of boiler plate (tensile strength 55,000). My concern is to maximize the life of the boiler as most of the failures I'm aware of happened at the joints that were welded. I don't have any way of verifying if those boilers were welded correctly and with the correct rod. I just want to minimize problems down the road....
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