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- - By Mark31 (*) Date 04-24-2004 04:05

Are CWI's responsible for drawing weld maps?
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-24-2004 11:59
It depends upon the contract, or employer requirements. As an inspector, I have been required to generate weld maps. These were often references to locations on drawings and didn't require any drawing.

Have a nice day

Gerald Austin
Parent - - By R. Johnson (**) Date 04-26-2004 12:01
Are you responsible for the preparation of welding procedures? I believe that whoever is responsible for preparing the welding procedures should also be responsible for making any weld maps.
Parent - - By jon20013 (*****) Date 04-26-2004 12:11
I think Gerald hit it right on the head, if your employer asks you to do this as a CWI, why wouldn't you? Sorry to disagree with Mr. Johnson, but I don't necessarily see a corelation between preparation of WPS' and weld mapping.
Parent - By CHGuilford (****) Date 04-26-2004 13:16
I agree that if asked to do a weld map, why wouldn't you? If it is assigned as being within the scope of a CWI"s duties and is defined as to what is to be recorded and how, it should not be a problem in doing it. Of course each situation will vary, so if the CWI is overwhelmed, he/she should speak with supervisors to see what can be done to make the task easier.

Chet Guilford

On further reflection on the original question: - it is not unusual for CWIs to fill out weld maps. However, there are times where an engineer or clerk or draftsperson may do the weld mapping, either based on records provided or actual observations. It all depends on what makes sense for the situation.
Parent - - By Jacek Date 05-14-2004 03:26
This isn't necessarily true R. Jonson, since he WPS/PQR have to be qualified by a lab and need to be prepared by a competent person. With all due respect weld maps in most cases are merely a record of what WPS was used for what weld joint. I have seen some maps drawn by a helper with no experience and no common sense. Unless we talk about planning rather than just record. CWI is perfect if the map is done post factum. He is often the only guy who knows all the welds.

Please make my (client) life easier. Whoever draws the map make sure you have marked weld No, WPS No, welder symbol, NDE, material (heat no), MTR, hardness test (if required). Traceability is the magic word. Make sure I can trace those welds in 5, 10 years from now.

One more thing: make sure you have not only base material MTRs but also the consumable. After all welds are also a part of a pressurized system and that little "casting" is as important as any pipe spool or fitting.
Parent - By jon20013 (*****) Date 05-14-2004 12:03
Jacek, while I would agree with you for my particular line of work (nuclear) all of the information you describe isn't necessarily always required under various Codes/Specifications. I do agree with you that the primary purpose of weld maps is to simply tie those welds into some other supporting documents, however if there are other supporting documents for the weld(s) in question as is often the case, it may be perfectly adequate to simply show an identification system along with locations. And, with all due respect, the WPS/PQR need NOT be qualified by a lab but anyone who is competant and has proper testing equipment. Just one last thing, I don't believe Mark31 mentioned anything about a "pressurized system" -did I miss something or are you simply making an assumption???
Parent - By Jim Hughes (***) Date 06-15-2004 16:08
You don't work for AWS, you work for whoever is paying your wages. What ever they say is a pretty good idea to follow. As I write this I'am weld mapping a iso so we can get the system turned over.
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