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- - By Gerry Date 07-05-2004 11:08
I have 2 PQR's in accordancewith ASME IX
PQR 1 P1 to P43 with ERNiCrFe3
PQR 2 P45 to P45 With ERNiCrFe3
May I combine the PQR for a WPS of P1 ToP45 All the other variables stay the same

Parent - - By Neal Chapman (**) Date 07-06-2004 03:20
You will want to review QW 424 which QW403.11 sends you to.
My interpretation of this paragraph leads me to conclude that you are required to run another PQR using the P number involved. (P1 to P45)

This answer assumes you using an arc welding process under QW250 where QW403.11 is listed as an essential variable.
Parent - By jon20013 (*****) Date 07-06-2004 13:23

I agree with you. It's easy to get confused between procedure and performance qualifications for someone who isn't constantly on their toes when using ASME IX. In this particular case, if there were already a P1 to P45 procedure approved, then the welder who qualified with the other procedure's mentioned would also be qualified to use the P1 to P45 WPS without need for requalification.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / dissimlar welds

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