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- - By MBlaha (***) Date 09-01-2004 03:18
Hi all. It has been a while since I have logged into the forum. I would appreciate some advice. I was contacted by an inspection firm that needs a CWI in my state to inspect welds being made for a bridge. They have no in the state and they were wondering if I was interested in contracting with them and performing the inspection. I am wondering what a fair wage for such duties would be. I would have to either drive 2 hours or stay in a motel. Can one expect perdiem and what is a fair hourly wage if they do not include any benifits. All answers will be greatly appreciated.

Parent - By Malcolm (*) Date 09-01-2004 03:29
What is your time worth to you? How long is the job? How many hours a day? Exactly what are the duties? Will you be an employee or a contractor? What are the working conditions? Are you doing this as a one time thing or are you trying to set up a long term relationship?

I know inspectors who probably wouldn't do the job for less than $100/hr. I have heard of inspectors who would probably do the job for $20/hr. Per diem and mileage are certainly things you can ask for. As a contractor you probably won't get any benefits.

You are worth whatever you settle for.

Everything in life is negotiable.

Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 09-01-2004 10:56
Hi Mike,
I'm sure things are different everywhere, but the outside inspectors that come and subcontract for us here usually send me a bill for their services. I've seen prices like 30/hr for visuals and 45/hr for UT work plus motel & mileage. This seemed pretty common among the inspectors that come through our shop. We aren't a bridge shop, but we do similar work. I don't feel these wages are too out of line for the type of work we do, but if it were my only income and I had to buy health insurance and all the expense of running a business, well, the price would probably be forced upward to take those things into account. But for side work, I think it is reasonable pay and will likely get you repeat work. Email me ( )if you are interested in this type of work as I have promised a guy (maybe the same guy who contacted you) that needs inspectors for part time projects(4 weeks here, 6 weeks there, type of thing), I would send him CWIs wanting that type of work, for him to review.
John Wright
Parent - By ckjoin Date 09-01-2004 12:46
I don't know about were you guys are from but that wage seems a little low to me for contract work. I am also a CWI and Level II in UT,MT,PT, and RT. I normally charge $60/hr for UT and $50/hr for visual plus mileage and perdiem. There are a lot of ITA's(Independent Testing Agency's) around here charging well over that for the same types of work. Hope this helps.
Parent - - By thirdeye (***) Date 09-01-2004 13:43
Our rates are more in line to the ones mentioned by ckjoin. Some volume customers are charged $45/hr. Most are $50- $65/hr. We have an 8 hour minimum charge on field jobs, and a $250 stand-by charge (per man). Lodging and meals (also air fare and car rental if required) are at cost. Mileage is $0.65/mile. OT is charged for hours after 8/day, Sat, Sun, & Holidays. In addition to the required inspection equipment, cell phones, laptops and digital cameras are standard.
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 09-01-2004 14:17
Sounds like I work way too cheap, but then so does the guys we have used for subs in the last couple of years. Had a couple small fab shops ask me to help them out with some inspection and I had no idea what to charge, so I had priced myself off of these rates just trying to be of help to them and make some side money.
John Wright
Parent - - By thirdeye (***) Date 09-01-2004 14:53

Those rates are that high because the overhead costs are increasing. Regardless of the prices of inspection, I still try to offer clients the best value.
Parent - By jon20013 (*****) Date 09-02-2004 15:04
Another thing to keep in mind if you're talking about contractors; many are on 1099 (or similar) hence responsiblie for paying their own social security, FICA, and the whole array of other taxes. If talking about contractors through jobshops I've found that ranges may be anywhere from $12.00/hr all the way up to $45.00/hr for CWI types and those with NDE certs should naturally go higher.
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