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- - By gkcwi (**) Date 10-08-2004 17:31
My company is looking for a Training video/dvd/cd for the purpose of having our shop welders to inspect there welds. Is there a source for this out there, we really would not what to send personnel away for this training.
Parent - By thirdeye (***) Date 10-08-2004 18:54

Welcome to the forum. It may help to know your industry and what code(s) is your shop working with in order to get the best answer to your question.

For starters, AWS has many self study programs and has many publications in printed format such as AWS B1.11 (Guide for the visual inspection of welds), HOT (Hands-on training) manuals which deal with tools and gages, and a Visual Inspection Workshop manual. Check out the online bookstore or request a catalog.

ASNT offers some visual training material, but they lean more toward other nondestructive methods.

AISC also has publications one of which is Structural Steel Shop Inspector Training Guide.

Many of my clients have an in-house written manufacturing operating procedure manual which details specifications, welding processes, filler material, welding symbols, print reading, shop practice & welding guidelines, repair procedures, cleaning and inspection procedures. This type of manual covers more than inspection but it is very useful. They spend a few hours with all new employes going through the manual and everyone is issued a manual. Most shops have an exam covering the topics in the manual.
Parent - By thcqci (***) Date 10-08-2004 19:32
I have training literature for sale. Please see
Parent - By jfolk (**) Date 10-08-2004 21:11
I am providing this type of training. Just completed sessions in the nuclear containment vessel, automotive tier one and automotive aftermarket all on site. For further information please contact John Folk at or 931-454-9788.
Parent - By weldeng13 (*) Date 10-18-2004 02:22
The company I work for offers a training class that can be tailored to your specific needs. For a basic understanding on what someone needs to look for in welds would take about half a day assuming that the students already have a good background in welding. Send me an email or a call if you want more information.

Peter Kinney
412-921-2488 ext. 109
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