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- - By rtrautman (*) Date 10-13-2004 15:01
I am struggling with the difinition of a concave weld and what is acceptable. Can you have a SAW weld with a reinforcement height not in excess of 1/8 inch and have the center of the weld dip down as long as it doesn't go below the base metal? I am using AWS D1.1 2004 and looking at Figure 5.4 which lists underfill but no mention of concavity in a butt weld. Under Repairs it has Excessive concavity which leads me to believe that some concavity is acceptable.
Parent - - By CHGuilford (****) Date 10-13-2004 16:41
Are you talking about a multi-pass weld? You could have the conditions you describe and still be acceptable. If it is a multi-pass weld, then you would need to evaluate the convexity of individual beads, as well as the overall weld. Also, review the criteria in 5.24.4 where a smooth transition is mentioned.

Chet Guilford
Parent - - By rtrautman (*) Date 10-13-2004 17:01
Single pass SAW that the operators are trying to comply with a European standard that limits the crown height to width ratio of 10%. In doing so the welds are 20mm wide and 2mm high and some of them are slightly concave, approximately .25-.5mm in the center of the weld. So there is a smooth transition and only slightly concave.
Parent - - By CHGuilford (****) Date 10-13-2004 20:15
So then it sounds like if you were to grind the surface flush, there would be no concavity or "low spot". (You first post explaine that too) Unless I'm missing something, I don't see that you have a problem.

Chet Guilford
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 11-01-2004 15:43
If I understood your post, I would say that as long as you met the min. throat dimn as required, concavity is not a problem.

edit: I read it as a fillet weld, sorry. You still must maintain the thickness of your material as a min.
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