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- - By bustersat Date 12-27-2004 22:07
I need the operating instructions and manual for an older Airco Heliwelder V, 250 AC/DC Tig welder. Code# 1093, Serial# MH606036, stock#1341-0315. Manual # should be ADI2082, I think. It was manufactured by ESAB but they said they can not help me. If any one knows if this model crosses over or where I can get the manuals I would appriciate it.
Parent - - By gregort Date 01-28-2005 17:36
I have one of these also and looking for info. Did you ever find any info?
Parent - - By bustersat Date 02-04-2005 00:10
Yes. A company in California called 619-628-1022. Aparently they purchased everything Airco from ESAB A few years back. They have the manuals and spare parts for these machines. Really good service once you get them on the phone. I bought all the supplies I need ed from Real good source.
Parent - By Mat_J Date 01-31-2017 18:18
Any chance you still have the manual?
I've been looking for this manual for my machine, I took your advice and tried contacting Arc Products, but they no longer supports AIRCO
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Parent - By Weldhawk Date 12-12-2017 19:38
Would a copy of the HELIWELDER IV help you out?
- By jcrestrepo Date 10-01-2018 23:25
Hello guys,

I have an Airco 300 AC DC Square Wave Welder High Frequency Intensity and a short circuit was made in the electronic boards. If you have the electronic diagram or an image of the circuit board that helps me discover the components, I'll thank you.  You can send me an email to:

I can send you photos of the electronic board with the components that exploded.

CODE: 1095
SERIAL: MH905039
STOCK: 1341-0290

Thank you in advance for your time and your help.

Juan Restrepo
Phone: 415 828 7997
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