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We can’t fuel the strength of America without your help. We fund our scholarships with support from people like you—people who believe in helping others find a rewarding profession in welding. You can be a permanent part of the Foundation’s mission by making a contribution, endowment, or by establishing a named scholarship.  You would be giving back to your industry, making it stronger and sustaining its growth through education and practice.

Welding is a profession that strengthens our country in so many ways. We understand the benefits of contributing to this critical profession, but we must take the next step to make a positive change and fulfill this growing need.

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About AWS Foundation
The AWS Foundation was established by the American Welding Society on September 13,1989, to support programs that ensure the growth and development of the welding industry through strengthening research and educational opportunities in welding and related industries.
From giving children their first glimmer of excitement in learning about the natural sciences, to providing funding for welding engineering undergraduates and fellowships for welding research, the AWS Foundation supports the welding industry.

Led by a volunteer Board of Trustees, the Foundation is organized as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Administration, including program development, fundraising, public relations, marketing and financial management, is provided by a small development staff of the American Welding Society. Its operations are conducted from the Society's offices in Miami, Florida.

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Begin your philanthropy legacy with information on Estate Planned Giving, Life Income Trusts, Bequests, Life Insurance and Life Estate Contracts. Programs include a Charitable Remainder Trust that creates a trust to pay the donor, or those designated by the donor, a fixed income payment for life, with the remainder going to the Foundation. This is just one of many ways to support the educational resources to strengthen of your industry. To access the information and to download ebrochures, follow the link below:        

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