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  2015 AWS Graduate Research Fellowship



Xiao Chai
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Professor Sindo Kou
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Fellowship
"Improving Gas-Metal Arc Welds of Magnesium Alloys"

Hamid Reza Zareie Rajani
University of British Columbia
Professor André Phillion
Glenn J. Gibson Fellowship
"A New Three-dimensional Multi-scale Model to Predict Hot Cracking Within a Weld Pool of Aluminum Alloys"

Derek Hoyt
LeTourneau University
Professor Yoni Adonyi
American Welding Society Fellowship
"Microwave Joining Using a Plasmaless, Closed-Loop, Triple-Heating Mechanism Process"

Nathan Switzner
Colorado School of Mines
Professor Zhenzhen Yu
American Welding Society Fellowship
"The Study of Friction Welding for Cladding Applications"