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Join the Welding Handbook Team and Help Write the Industry's Best Book!
To participate: Contact Annette O'Brien, Secretary, AWS Welding Handbook Committee
Phone: (305) 443-9353 ext. 303, (800) 443-9353 ext. 303

What is the Welding Handbook?
A definitive welding text, the Welding Handbook is...
  • The oldest and best-known handbook in the industry
  • Published by AWS-referenced and used world wide
  • Reviewed and evaluated by leading research institutes
  • Peer reviewed and approved
  • Revised and updated periodically
  • Volumes published continuously from 1938 through 2007
  • The five volumes of the 9th Edition
    1. Welding Science and Technology - ORDER NOW
    2. Welding Processes, Part 1 - ORDER NOW
    3. Welding Processes, Part 2 - ORDER NOW
    4. Materials and Applications, Part 1 - Not Yet Published
    5. Materials and Applications, Part 2 - Not Yet Published

Share your Welding Technology
Benefits of Participation in the Welding Handbook
  • Interaction with welding industry peers
  • Opportunity to share your best technical skills
  • Opportunity to broaden your exposure to the latest technology
  • Opportunity to learn and improve your management and team-building skills
  • Opportunity to give back to your industry and the people in the welding community
  • See your name on the cover page of the chapter you helped write

To work with a Chapter Committee, you will need:
  • General welding knowledge, and specific knowledge of a process or another facet of welding
  • Enthusiasm for your technology and an interest in sharing it
  • Time to work with a chapter until it is published.

To work with a Volume Committee or the Welding Handbook Committee you will need:

  • AWS membership
  • Technical competency
  • Well-rounded experience in welding and joining, and preferably, experience in a Welding Handbook Chapter Committee
  • Time
  • Support from your employer

Does the Welding Handbook need your expertise?...YES!

Volunteerism is the foundation and strength of the American Welding Society. Your expertise can go a long way toward enhancing the Society, the Welding Industry and Your Personal Development.

For more information contact the AWS Welding Handbook Committee Secretary:,
(305) 443-9353 ext. 303,
(800) 443-9353 ext. 303