INSPECTION TRENDS — October 2007 — Fall · Volume 10 · Number 4

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Fall 2007 Issue

Long-Range Guided-Wave Ultrasonics: A New Age in Pipeline Inspection
by S. Birch and F. Baker
This versatile inspection tool can measure long lengths of pipe to quickly detect areas of corrosion

The Changing Roles of Inspectors
by D. Lopez
Today's inspectors must be able to show documented proof of compliance with inspection-related codes

Selecting a Nondestructive Testing Method: Eddy Current Testing
by H. T. Yolken
Eddy current testingg can locate many types of dicontinuities with easy-to-use, off-the-shelf equipment

Eight Things You Should Know about Leak Testing Equipment
These pointers can help you decide which leak testing equipment will best help you meet your production schedules

Using Eddy Current for Corrosion Inspection
by J. P. Hansen
Modern eddy current inspection instruments are effective tool for the detection of subsurface corrosion

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