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Final Report - Welding Supervisor Training and Certification
The National Shipbuilding Research Program released the final report on the advantages of training your welding supervisors to reduce costs and maximize shipbuilding efficiencies. The NSRP work was supported through a trial project at Bender Shipbuilding and Repair Company in Mobile, Alabama.

The formal results have been presented to the NSRP SP-7 Welding Panel and are available now in pdf format. Download project Welding Supervisor Training and Certification.

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AWS honors a long and distinguished heritage by emphasizing welding research and study projects. From worker-related issues to futuristic joining methods, AWS partnering with government, private institutes and individuals advances and presents the world of welding research.

Research Papers
Timely, relevant research by the world's foremost scientists, engineers, teachers and industry professionals. AWS Welding Research Papers are published monthly in the Welding Journal and made available in electronic, .pdf format. Browse current peer-reviewed reports of research work on welding procedures, metallurgy, equipment, processes, testing and quality control. Click for more

Peer Review of Research Papers
If you are available to serve as Principal Reviewer for any of the listed papers please contact the Peer Review Coordinator at The article identification number is on the top right of each page of the abstract. Click for more

Welding-Related Expenditures, Investments, and Productivity
Measurement in U.S. Manufacturing, Construction, and
Mining Industries

"This report summarizes findings of the initial wave of research conducted for the Economic Impact and Productivity of Welding study commissioned by the American Welding Society and Edison Welding Institute. The overall objectives of this research were to determine the economic contribution and productivity of welding in specific U.S. industries where welding is a primary enabling technology and identify where the greatest opportunities exist to further improve welding productivity.
Download Economic Impact and Productivity of Welding in .pdf format.

Vision for Welding Industry
The American Welding Society, in conjunction with the Department of Energy, has put together a vision that will carry the welding industry through 2020. As part of obtaining global consensus on the Vision for Welding Industry document, industry was encouraged to download the document, read it and return comments, suggestions or corrections. We will be reviewing all responses carefully. Thank you for supporting this most important endeavor.
Download Vision Document in .pdf format.

Culmination of Vision for Welding Industry
The recently published Welding Industry Vision Workshop Results describes the issues and opportunities facing the U.S. welding industry (users as well as suppliers of welding equipment, materials, processes, and support services) through the next twenty years. The strategic goals outlined in the Vision are ambitious and will require hard work and commitment by the industry, but expectations are high for maintaining a competitive worldwide position for welding well into the new century.

The roadmap is based on input provided by representatives from the industry segments at workshops held in Chicago in October 1999 and Houston in March 2000. Input for the automotive section was extracted from previously developed roadmaps prepared in collaboration with the Edison Welding Institute.
Download Vision Workshop Results in .pdf format.

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